Creator of the month: Inbal Zisser – Belle & Me TLV

January 2019

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Inbal is an Israeli illustrator and the creator of Belle & Me TLV –
a positive & creative gifts brand.  

Inbal used to draw as a child, she loved it. She continued to study art and Graphic design in the Holon Institute of Technology HIT. She went on to work as graphic designer and for years continued longing to get back to original creation of her own.

2 years ago, while living in Paris for a while, it finally happened.

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This is how Inbal herself tells the story:

“It was a cold-sunny day in Paris, on the day that Belle was born. The small Cafe was almost empty, it was only me & my pen. And suddenly, out of nowhere, this lovely chubby girl has emerged between my notebooks’ lines. She was asking me to draw her.
I couldn’t remember how to draw like this anymore, so I began searching online for a “happy chubby girl” reference. I couldn’t find nothing, not even one. All the chubby girls’ drawings were sad, bitter and lonely. I realized the world was missing something.


And so, I decided that I must be the one to bring Belle to life and tell her story.

Since that day, Belle and I are on this amazing journey together, and she teaches me about self-love and internal positive thinking.”

Today, Inbal’s home is filled with color, paper and joy thanks to Belle. (Belle is Inbal’s nick name by her mom J) Belle is a happy and joyous creation that lifts the spirit of anyone who meets, both Inbal & her.

Inbal’s creations are full of joy and happiness. She brings true self love and positivity into each product she creates.

You can follow Inbal & Belle on Instagram

IsraeliBox of fun Facts about Inbal Zisser – Belle & Me

What is your favorite place in Israel?  Tel Aviv

What is most Israeli to you? Tahini

What do you like best about Israeliness? Hutzpah – in a good way. To not take things for granted, and make your voice be heard.

Recommended Israeli Business  A Shop and Blog for crafts by Iris Fogel Ben Hamo – that always inspires me and supply my creative needs.

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