TehiNA – Michal Melamed

February 2019

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Only 45 minutes drive between myself and The TehiNA factory in HaElla Valley. I drove through green hills and vast fields of crops, and arrived at Kibbutz Netiv Halamed-Heh. Small building, nestled between green hills, a knock on the door, and a huge smile with laughing eyes opens the door to me. I knew I found something special.

Meet Michal Melamed – the creator and owner of this magical TehiNA brand and factory. Michal’s energy is unmistakable, the strength and wisdom simply pores out of her, effortless. I could immediately understand how this woman created this beautiful brand by herself. So here is her story.

A story of Israeli entrepreneurship, originality, creativity and the importance of family and life.

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Photographer: Eldad Maestro

Michal is a clinical psychologist by education and profession (not what you would expect from a woman that makes Tahini for a living, right?) she has been working as a psychologist for many years, driven by her pure love for people and social conscience. Michal was born in Jerusalem and moved to the Kibbutz many years ago. Along with her 40th birthday came the big desire in her to create something new, something of her own, to do something that continues to bring positivity to others but also allows her to bring her true self into expression.

Michal Learned about the Tahini and its ancient virtues. She learned that the modern industrialized process of manufacturing Tahini lost many of the original nutritious values of this ancient food. Tahini is a type of food that 99% of Israeli kitchens will have in any given time. So Michal decided to recreate the ancient ways of making tahini in a new and industrialized manner. So she set about her journey to make this dream come to life.
She set about to build new industrial machines that can mimic the ancient ways. It took 7 long years of creation and lots of trial and error, but finally TehiNA was born. Michal’s son has joined her in the business and it has become a true family business.

Today, TehiNA has 5 employees, is being distributed to many Israeli nature markets and food stores, and Michal continues to dream about a future filled with new products made of TehiNA and new ways to make people happy and healthy with her creation.

So, what is so special about TehiNA?

Tahini comes from the Hebrew word לטחון – Li’tchon – to grind. Tahini is made of ground sesame seeds. Sesame seeds are tiny tough little things, and grinding them is a very difficult task, modern industry have found the way to make it easier by peeling the sesame seeds, but according to Michal’s philosophy, by peeling the seeds you lose most of their nutritious value and the goodness of the Tahini itself is damaged.

TehiNA is made with No Husking, No roasting and No additives. The sesame seeds are keeping all their nutritional value and the final result is a tahini that is rich with vitamins and minerals that are easily absorbed in the human body.
TehiNA has an unusual earthy, wild flavor that makes you feel nature.

The process of making the TehiNA is slower, wholesome and simulates the way it was done in our area of the world since ancient times.

Nestled in the beautiful HaElla valley – Michal and her TehiNA are dreaming big. Amongst the green hills that surrounds her factory, Michal finds the inspiration to continue to make amazingly rich and healthy products and bring her vision to as many people as she can both in Israel and in the world.

IsraeliBox of fun Facts about Michal Melamed :TehiNA

What is your favorite place in Israel?  ?  HaElla valley – my valley

What is most Israeli to you? To have an opinion about every thing

What do you like best about Israeliness? The directness, the truthfulness, the caring and warmth.

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