Garlic Aioli Dip Ideas

January 2020

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Classic, healthy, great for the “after the holiday diet” we all need!

A few ideas on how to enjoy your Garlic Aioli by Nany:

#1 Vegetable Crudité

Cut up some fresh: cucumbers, carrots and bell peppers into finger sized sticks. Add some cherry tomatoes or sliced tomatoes, some onion rings for the brave ones, or any other vegetable of your choice, arrange them all on a large platter, place the aioli dip in the center and ENJOY! (And remember, NO double dipping…. Unless you munch alone)

#2 Aioli Cheese Sandwich

Another great way to enjoy your aioli dip is inside a good fresh sandwich. Who doesn’t enjoy one of those every once in a while?

So, spread some aioli on a fresh piece of your favorite bread, than start building up your sandwich: first the lettuce, than the sliced fresh tomato, now comes in the goat cheese or a nice piece of provolone cheese, we like to add to it some homemade grilled peppers (the Romanian Savta recipe – if interesting let us know by mail and we’ll maybe put that recipe up one day too :-))

Place the 2nd piece of bread on top and Kadima!! Take a huge bite and ENJOY!

#3 Your Garlic Aioli can also be a wonderful companion to some freshly fried fish and chips.

Any way you’ll have it will be YUMMY! (And some good old lucky charm against the evil eye can never be bad for you right?)

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