Israel’s Proudest Moments

May 2019

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Israel is a tiny country, surrounded with enemies and in constant state of war since its inception. And yet Israel is a beacon of light and ingenuity to the world.
We are strong because of our togetherness.
We are sharing with you today some of our best moments in our history. Moments of collective joy, a sense of triumph and success that belongs to us all. Am Israel feels united and happy and proud. We begin with the declarartion of independence in 1948 that was a moment of bursting celebration for a nation who suffered so greatly. Following in remembering all of our biggest times. Join us in celebrating these great moments of sport, music, science, beauty and technology. We have it all!

These were our proudest moments. Did you know them all? Did you learn something new perhaps? We hope it filled you with joy and pride as much as it did to us writing them down.

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