Join us on a Virtual Journey in Israel – From North 2 South

April 2020

The world is at home. We are all quarantined, and so we decided to set on a virtual tour of our beloved Israel – and invite you all to join us on this journey.
A tour from north 2 south visiting together the beautiful sites of Israel,  The amazing 360 pics throughout the tour are by photographer Ittay Bodell – and the entire collection is available in a book on Amazon as well.  Click the book for the link.


So, are you ready? Here we go!

We begin our virtual journey in Israel at the most northern point of the country and its highest one as well – Mount Hermon.
The peak is 2814 m above sea level. It is one of the few places in Israel that snows regularly every winter, and the only place to ski.
Every winter, visitors stream to the mountain to enjoy the snowy scenery, the cable car and the winter sports offered.
(On weekends, the traffic jam up the mountain could take you a few hours…. So it is better to arrive mid-week)
It is beautiful, pristine and so much fun!

Click the picture for a 360 ° experience.

This is the Banias waterfall! How enchanting!
The Banias stream originates at the foot of Mount Hermon, and its water comes from springs under a large cave, fed by rain and snow that drain from the Hermon. The banks of this fast moving stream are lush with amazing green foliage.

The waterfall is 10m high and cascades into a large lovely pool. 
It is cool and moist around the stream and waterfall all year round, and it is for sure, one of Israel’s most amazing hiking places.

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We continue our journey and visit the Monfort castle. It is built on a forested ridge overlooking the enchanted scenery of Kziv Stream flowing beneath it. It is an absolute magnificent place to visit! 

The castle was built in the medieval times to house the knights of the Teutonic order in the 13th century. The name means “strong mountain” it was their headquarters for centuries but due to its remoteness never had any big strategic importance. Eventually it was captured and destroyed by the mamelukes. The castle is partially preserved till today. 

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We have arrived at the ancient synagogue in Meron.

The synagogue is located on a hill near the tomb of Rabbi Shimon Bar Yohai and the ancient village of Meron. It is one of the largest found in the Galilee area and legend has it that if the synagogue’s lintel collapses it is a sign that the Messiah is on his way.

Israel has many antiquities scattered all over the land and when we go traveling and hiking we get a constant reminder of our historic roots and connection to this beautiful land and its amazing places. 

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No tour of Israel could be worth anything without a visit to the Sea of Galilee – or as we call it Lake Kinneret.
Wish you could hear us sing the ”Ho Kinneret Shelly” now…. 🎵🎶🎵🎶🎵🎶🎵🎶🎵🎶

The Serenity is astounding! The Kinneret was a source of inspiration for many poets, song writers and artists for centuries, and it is with no doubt one of the most favorite places in the world for us.

The Sea of Galilee is an important water source and provides about a quarter of Israel’s water supply.

Its shores are a very popular tourist destination all year round, it is a place of breathtaking beauty and is a prominent motif in Israeli culture.

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We are finally heading south from the Galilee area and we are at Nahal Hashofet – loosely translating into “The Judge’s Stream”.

Located in the Menashe Heights, still in northern Israel, this tranquil stream is flowing almost all year round and is fed by three constantly flowing springs. The quality of the water is absolutely excellent!

All along the stream there are remains of ancient flour mills that were powered by the stream’s water.

It is a perfect hike for families, with places to hike, picnic and enjoy the outdoors iat its best!

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Night has arrived and we are visiting the capital of the north – Haifa. (And birth place of Maya one of the two co-founders of IsraeliBox J)

A magnificent city with a special ambience and spirit.

A city of peaceful co-existence between all faiths, a city with a splendor scenery of mountains and sea.

In the picture you can see the German colony established in 1868 by German Templars, during World War II the British expelled the German Templars because of their support of Nazi Germany and only in the 1990’s the colony was restored.

You can also the see the wonderful Bahai Gardens on Mount Carmel that are nearly one kilometer long. At the center is the shrine with the burial site of the Bab, the founder of the Bahai religion.

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Oh, Hello from the Aqueduct in Caesarea.

We are continuing our journey along the shores of the Mediterranean Sea and we are visiting the ancient roman city of Caesarea. Built by King Herod and named after the Roman Caesar Augustus, Caesarea was the largest city in the land in those days.

With remarkable architectural achievements Caesarea was a true wonder. The arched water aqueduct brought fresh water to the city from springs nearby.

Today there is a vibrant culinary scene on the shores of Caesarea, an amazing beach to enjoy and a wonderful museum.

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And Welcome to Tel Aviv!
The city that doesn’t sleep!!! (And birth place of Sharon one of the two co-founders of IsraeliBox )

“The first Hebrew city”, “The white city”- TLV!
The busy metropolis of Tel Aviv is the center of all finance, culture, communications and arts in Israel!

A FUN and Happy place to visit!


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An Afternoon stroll in Jaffa port.

The Modern Metropolis of Tel Aviv enjoys the companionship of ancient Jaffa. They don’t say opposites attract for no reason…

The picturesque narrow streets, the beautiful old houses, the history in every stone. Jaffa is a pretty, unique and an amazing culinary attraction!

Jaffa port is one of the oldest ports in the world! Mentioned already in the book of Jonah, and up until the British Mandate served as Israel’s chief port. Then to be replaced by Haifa and later on Ashdod.

Jaffa is a vibrant and beautiful place to visit!

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And so we headed down south and arrived at The Dead Sea! Our saltwater lake with no outlet streams. Located on the Syrian-African rift and the border with Jordan runs in its center.

The Dead Sea is an important component of Israel’s industry and tourism. The composition of its water contains very high concentrations of magnesium, calcium and potassium. It is very healthy for humans, and people come from all over the world to heal in its waters.

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And last but oh so definitely not least – JERUSALEM! Our eternal Capital!

The city so beautiful and enchanting that we have been dreaming and remembering it for 2000 years of exile and that kept us unified and hopeful for so many generations until there came the time that we could return to it!

Jerusalem of Gold, with air as pure wine. A scenery filled with history and spirituality that is making our hearts sing.

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We hope you enjoyed our tour – this is for now a virtual journey, as travelling is not an option.

But we are certain that our world will heal and travelling will once more be available very soon.

Israel will be here, waiting for you to come visit, it has been around for so long, it will be here on the day after.

Stay optimistic, hopeful and safe,

Much love,

Sharon & Maya

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