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Naomi Elberg@naomi_tgis
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"Love the whole concept and idea. I love how perfectly it arrived at my door. There is so much thought they put into the box"
Stella Wassermann@learning_hebrew
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"I am going to study the declination of the verbs “to love”, “to adore” and “to like” in Hebrew tonight. Best box ever. Best customer service ever."
Betty Gulko@such.a.betty
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"Great way to know the country that you love"
Melinda Strauss@kitchentested
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"This is so fun and I love this opprtunity to support products made in Israel"
Sabrina Ovadia@thebees_kitchen
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"Amazing Israeli products I can't wait to start using them. IsraeliBox is amazing!"
Tal Gerber@tal_gerber_style
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"Such an amazing gift for Israel lovers"
Mandy Silverman@mandyliciouschallah
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"It's just like Israel came in to my house. What a great idea"
Marion Haberman@myjewishmommylife
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"The box is gorgeous, it's really very nice stuff"

April Box- Spring Box

Spring is our favourite season! Everything is green and blossoming. Israel is SO beautiful in the spring. The best time to go out to nature, to enjoy the outdoors and to celebrate life. This month’s box theme is SPRING אביב
All inside is blossoming, cheerful, scented and spreads happiness and delight.

So, smile and rejoice for we are celebrating the return of the sun!

Classic Lavender Daily Soap by Sabon Michal made with top quality lavender ethereal oil with an amazing scent and ground lavender flowers
Tulip Tea Infuser by Ototo Tulip will help you relax your soul.
Plant it in your cup to infuse your world with fragrance and flavor to make you feel whole. Olive Oil by Lin’s Farm Lin’s farm extra virgin olive oil is an all Israeli product, grown and manufactured with love. 
Traditional Harosset Delight by Lin’s Farm a traditional Harosset delight that will remind you of home. Made with fresh Isreali dates together with walnuts & apples.
Yellow Flower Ceramic Dish by Enosh – The Israeli Mental Health Association
This little beauty can serve as a little candle holder, a jewelry dish, a soap dish or even just a little thingy on your desk to hold your paper clips. It is made by people with psychiatric disabilities in one of Enosh’s employment centers

March Box- The Masquerading Box

We had a masquerade ball the whole month long!

We celebrated Purim together with you in a new and fun way.

Our box had a great party – wearing masks, new colourful paper inside, products that look like one thing but are something else entirely.

Oh the fun we had!

Honey Mint Delight by Lin’s Farm a most surprising and aromatic honey with a touch of mint.
Karoto – by Monkey Business design: A cool sharpener & peeler for carrots and other lookalike vegetables.
The unforgettable door hangerby Monkey Business design: a notepad for forgetful people.
Dead Sea Mud by Shemen Amour great for your skin and Muscles.
Chocolate Bar with Salted Peanuts by Shades of Sweet chocolate created by youth at risk who learn how to give themselves a chance in life thru chocolate.

February Box- Family Box

Family is one of the most important values in Israeli life. In this box we celebrated MISHPACHA!  We all got to know some great Israeli families. And we cherished family life and times spent together.

Inside the box we curated a selection of items to be enjoyed by the whole family:
Pulke Herb Infuser by Ototo Design Pulke will keep your herbs together while adding flavors to your soups & stews.
Tahini by TehiNA a boutique wholesome tahini with a wild and earthy flavour.
A bag of kisses and soap flakes – by wish bags by Shanika
bags of good scents and soap flakes filled with kindness and goodwill.
Zaatar- by Ayelet Spices
A set of “do it yourself” greeting cards by Amichai A creative package for making greeting cards for the ones you love with Hebrew words of greeting and wishes. Created with love by people with developmental disabilities working at the Amichai occupational centers.

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January Box- Shuk Box

The Shuk is the beating heart of Israeli lifestyle.
We walked through the narrow alleys of Isreali markets, through the scents, sights and flavours Israel best! We picked and collected the most beautiful ones we found here in this marvellous Shuk box. So here they are: the fantastic team of the Shuk selected items:
Pashmina Scarf- Hand Embroidered in Jerusalem Old City A 100% cashmere pashmina scarf.
Ceramic Candlesticks- Armenian Style Hand Crafted Candlesticks painted in the ancient traditional Armenian design.
Traditional Olive Oil Soap- by Ein Gedi Cosmetics
Lilo Spice Mix- By Ayelet Spices
Cotton Shopping Toté- Illustrated by Belle and Me TLV – A unique original illustration by Belle and Me TLV.

December Box- Women Box

This month’s box is was a song of praise to women! It was created by women, curated by women, received by women and enjoyed by women. 

In this fun and beautiful box you got:
Shemen Amour: Pomegranate Moisturizing Cream with pomegranate fruit combined with Dead Sea minerals.
NAV Notebooks: A bi-lingual bunnies Notebook that suits both Hebrew and English. An original fun creation by Danielle Baron.
One by One – Ceramic Studio – Ceramic Jewelry Dish a one of a kind piece of art custom- made for IsraeliBox subscribers only. By ceramic artist Miri Hechter.
Beit Yitzhak – Strawberry Confiture Strawberry confiture made from 100% fruit, no cane sugar added. No addition of preservatives, food coloring or additives.
Erkuti: Scented Candle in a Can -Vanilla scented Candle in a can. Made by hand in the “creating light” factory where all employees are people struggling with psychiatric disabilities, on their journey to join main stream society.

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November Box- "Beyahad"

Beyahad is together in Hebrew. 
We do not need a special occasion to invite people over and we do so very often, it is a very common practice for Israelis to host friends and family at home all year round. We enjoy hosting for branch, lunch, dinner or anything in between. want some tips on how to entertain at home – Israeli style? 
In this box there were ingredients to create that magical feeling of Israeli hospitality: 
Black coffee by Landwer – check our blog for a great recipe
Hebrew Alphabet cookie cutters – for another great recipe check our blog.
Place sitting cards by Amichai
An indulging Dead Sea soap for a great and smooth skin. 
The fun and world famous Israeli card game of TAKI that promises to give you hours of fun with friends and family for many years to come.

oh, shalom!

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