Aba Box


The Aba Box is the perfect gift for any aba (father) who loves Israel.
Filled with items that all Israeli abas love, this box will connect any aba (or saba!) to Israel each time he uses one of the special products.
Great as a gift for Father’s Day, birthdays, or just to say “I love you” to the special men in your life.

You’ll want to know that:

  • Everything inside the box is kosher
  • Free shipping worldwide
  • Standard shipping time is up to 14 business days
  • For express shipping please contact our customer service at sayhello@israelibox.co
  • Each box is beautifully wrapped and carefully packed
  • You can add your own personal greeting words
  • All made, designed, or manufactured in Israel
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What’s inside your Aba Box?

The Original Blend – Black Coffee by Landwer Coffee
The Original Black Coffee blend by Landwer was created in Tel Aviv in 1919.
It contains a mixture of different medium roast coffee beans for the traditional aroma and nostalgic flavors of Tel Avivian coffee.
“Kafe Shahor” as it’s called in Hebrew is traditionally made over a fire giving it its unique flavor.
Check out our blog for the perfect recipe!

Black Coffee Printed Glass by Nisha Gifts
Nisha Gifts creates blue and white (made in Israel) gifts to signify the holy land and everything that is special about it.
This coffee cup (perfect for black coffee!) features one of three different slang words, originating in Arabic and offering a super cool blessing.

Israel Panoramic Views book by Ittay Bodell
Israel in all its majestic glory – the enchanting sites and landscapes of Israel photographed in 360°.
An enriched experience accompanied by interactive photos and 360° virtual tours and an interactive map.
You scan the QR code that appears on each page and you can view it all online.

Shaving Soap Bar By Meydalle Soaps
Hila Doron started Meydalle Soaps in her home over a decade ago and today produces over 1,000 types of soaps and other products, making your skin feel great.
This special shaving soap bar will replace your shaving cream and leave your face fresh and clean. Enriched with mango, cocoa & shea butter for sensitive and red skin.

Wild Flowers Honey by Lin’s Farm
Lin’s Farm is one of Israel’s leading honey connoisseurs and natural food producers, with a specialty in innovative products based on wildflower honey and beehive superfoods.
Every creation is lovingly crafted and taste-tested and is free of preservatives, chemicals, and artificial sweeteners.
This pure and natural honey is made from a variety of Israeli wildflowers.