Superwomen – Supermoms!

May 2020

Motherhood. Pride, love, determination, strength, kindness, fearlessness combined with nonstop anxieties, mothers can do anything! Women can do anything! We are sharing here with you the stories of 10 strong, heroic and inspirational women, Israeli mothers and leaders in their fields: science, music, theatre, fashion. Politics, social activism, Education and more.

Women who are fearless, brave, smart, and beautiful on the outside and on the inside!

Here is a list to be inspired by:

Name: Golda Meir

Lived: 1898 – 1978

Born in: Kiev, Ukraine

Became Famous for:  Statesman and politician, first woman prime minister of Israel.

Mother of: 2 children.

She was very: Stubborn. Known for standing her ground on many issues and ideas.

What do we admire the most about her:
Golda was the first woman prime minister in a country of generals. The ultimate men’s world. And she rocked! She was brave and stood up for what she believed in!

She was known as the iron lady – but she still lead with sensitivity and emotion.

Golda resigned as prime minister following the Yom Kipur War – times were very difficult then, although many blamed her for the tragedy of the Yom Kipur war – we believe that her lifetime of devotion for the Jewish people and the state of Israel   should not be forgotten and should be appreciated.

Name: Ruth Arnon

Lived: 1933

Born in: Tel Aviv, Israel

Became Famous for:  Biochemist, an expert for immunization in the Weitzman institute. Developed the Copaxone – medication to treat multiple sclerosis.

Mother of: 2 children & 6 Grandchildren.

She is very: outspoken and has amazing leadership skills. She served as the national president of the Israeli science academy.

What do we admire the most about her:
Ruth Arnon is a renowned and accomplished scientist. She has won many awards and academic prizes. Her most famous discovery was the Glatiramer acetate that is also known as Copaxone and is used today to treat multiple sclerosis. It does not cure the disease but it slows it down much.

Arnon has been working in the past years on finding a cure for the flu. 

Name: Miriam Peretz

Lived: 1954

Born in: Casablanca, Morocco.

Became Famous for:  Miriam lost two of her sons during their service In the IDF. Devotes her life to education of youth and young adults.

Mother of: 6 children. Uriel was killed in 1998 and Eliraz was killed in 2010.

She is very: courageous and optimistic 

Miriam’s unbelievable strength and the superwoman powers to still be able to believe in life after losing two sons. Miriam lit the Massua – Israeli beacon of honor on the 66th Independence Day – and her speech is being taught in high schools till today.

Her devotion is beyond words and we are in absolute awe.

Name: Yael Arad

Lived: 1957

Born in: Tel Aviv, Israel.

Became Famous for:  first Israeli Olympic Medalist.

Mother of: 2 children.

She is very: determined. Impossible doesn’t exist

What do we admire the most about her:
Yael began competing in a very young age, she worked very hard in a sport that was then almost completely dominated by men in Israel. She climbed to the top and became our first Olympic champion ever! Yael retired from sports at 27 and turned to business, she is a very successful hi-tech entrepreneur and CEO and as in Judo made it to the top of her profession. She is a born winner and an inspiration to so many of us!


Name: Ada Yonat

Lived: 1939

Born in: Jerusalem, Israel.

Became Famous for:  Biochemist in Weitzman Institute, a Noble Prize Winner in Chemistry in 2009.

Mother of: 1 daughter

She is very: committed and purposeful

What do we admire the most about her:
Ada was born in a poor religious family in Jerusalem, but she was bright and curious and education was of highest values to her family. Her first lab was no more than a toilet transformed into an office. Her dream to explore the structure of the ribosomes (which are macromolecular machines, found within all living cells that perform biological protein synthesis) made the “fool of the town” to many of her colleagues, she was referred to as the dreamer who is pursuing fantasies. But she persevered and eventually triumphed, and in 2000 she discovered the structure of the ribosome, and won the Noble prize for it.  This genius and strong woman is nothing but a source of inspiration!

Name: Esther Roth Shachamorov

Lived: 1952

Born in: Tel Aviv, Israel.

Became Famous for:  Track & Field Athlete, specializing in the 100 meter sprint.

Mother of: 2 children

She is very: talented and strong

What do we admire the most about her:
Esther began running at the age of 15, she was very talented and became professional in a short time. She won many international competitions and is one of Israel’s most famous and successful athletes of all times. Esther was part of the Israeli delegation to the Munich Olympic Games in 1972. Because she stayed in the women dorms, she was not harmed, as the terrorists attacked the men dormitories.

Esther is one of Israel’s leading athletes and continues to be a role model for the younger generation till today.

Name: Naomi Shemer

Lived: 1930 – 2004

Born in: Kvutzat Kinneret, Israel.

Became Famous for:  Poet, musician and song writer.

Mother of: 2 children

She was very: talented and creative

What do we admire the most about her:
Naomi was one of Israel’s most famous and talented poets and song writers. Many of her songs became our national soundtrack, and almost unofficial anthems. She wrote Jerusalem of Gold – Yerushalayim Shel Zahav, Tomorrow, Hurshat HaÉucaliptus,
over all These – Al Kol Ele, and many more.

Naomi was hailed as the first lady of Israeli song and poetry. Many of our childhood memories are accompanied with her songs.

Name: Gila Almagor

Lived: 1939

Born in: Petach Tikva, Israel.

Became Famous for: Movie, Theatre and Television Actress.

Mother of: 2 adopted children

She is very: talented and strong

What do we admire the most about her:
Gilas parents ran to Israel from burning Europe, Gila’s father was killed in duty as a policeman before she was born, and she was raised by her mentally ill mother, who lost all her family in the holocaust, in extreme poverty. She began her independent life as an actress in Tel Aviv at the very young age of 15.  Gila was hailed as the queen of Israeli cinema, and on top of her many performances on so many stages, she is also an accomplished author, and a screen writer.

Her beauty, charm, talent, character and depth makes us admire her.

Name: Ruth Dayan

Lived: 1917

Born in: Haifa, Israel.

Became Famous for: Social Activist, founder of the Fashion Company Maskit and Wife of Moshe Dayan.

Mother of: 3 children

She is very: Sharp & Resilient

What do we admire the most about her:
Ruth was born to a Zionist, activist Israeli family. Her parents were the founders’ generation and so was she. She met Moshe Dayan in Nahalal, and was married to him for 37 turbulent and extraordinaire years. Ruth is one of the founders of Variety Israel, she founded the Maskit Company that exported Israeli Textile art to the world. Maskit was a project born as a way to give the new Olim a way to earn a living through craftsmanship. Ruth Dayan is one of the founding generation of super men and women who founded this country. Amazingly strong and resilient to whom we owe our existence.


Name: Rona Ramon

Lived: 1964 – 1918

Born in: Kiryat Ono, Israel.

Became Famous for: Public activist for Education, Widow of Israeli Astronaut Ilan Ramon

Mother of: 4 children (Asaf, her first born son was killed as an Israeli Airforce Pilot)

She was very: Super strong and companionate

What do we admire the most about her:
Rona grew up on Zionism and love of country, she married Ilan and together they had 4 children. In 1998 they moved to Huston where Ilan was the first Israeli Astronaut. After the horrible accident when the Columbia space shuttle crashed on its way back to Earth the family returned to Israel. Asaf, followed his father’s path and became a combat pilot ion the Israeli air force. Asaf was killed in a training accident. Rona founded a fund after his death and worked for education and excellence of Israeli youth. She was unbelievably strong and believed in giving back after all she has been through.

We hope you draw from this incredible list of heroes, wisdom, strength and inspiration.

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