A romantic stroll around Israel – the most romantic places in Israel

July 2020

The 15 of the month of Av marks the Jewish festival of LOVE, Tu Be’Av.

So we invite to join us on a virtual romantic stroll around Israel. The most romantic getaways, picturesque places and beautiful setting to create unforgettable memories for two.

Love is the single most important thing for all humans, and this month we celebrate this incredible, crazy, beautiful thing called Ahava.

Romantic Getaway # 1: Ein Karem – Jerusalem.

This is Ein Karem.

A magical little village, which is today a neighborhood of Jerusalem. Renowned for its picturesque views, and the centuries old Christiane holy sites in it.

A walk in the narrow streets of the village, amongst the art galleries and shops that sell colored hand painted tiles and jewelry is one of the most romantic trips you can make. The tranquil and pretty little cafes and gourmet restaurants are the perfect setting for a romantic getaway for two.

Always green, great weather and close to the city. Romantic place Numero Uno!  Hot recommendation from us!

Romantic Getaway # 2: Kinneret – Sea of Galilee.

Kinneret. Sea of Galilee.  So many has been written about it.
It is a great place for fun and family time, but today it is here for it is a VERY romantic getaway in Israel. The early morning, with the tranquil blue water, the boats on the lake and the silence, is an amazing experience. The late evening stroll on the banks of the lake, A little fish restaurant with fresh catch of the day, good wine from the Golan Heights, and the little lights of all the villages all around are stunning. All around the Kinneret are beautiful hotels, B&B’s and vacation rentals that are perfect for a couple getaway together.

Romantic Getaway # 3: Neve Tzedek– Tel Aviv.

Neve Tzedek Neighborhood in Tel Aviv.

The most romantic place in the city.

Walking hand in hand, in the little picturesque streets, the small colorful houses, with their wooden shudders and blooming flowers, getting two cones of ice cream with two scoops each (it’s a must on a hot Tel Avivian day) and just gazing at the people walking about their daily business, stopping to enjoy some sight or a read a story written on one of the houses or corners of the streets, laughing together from your own private little jokes, just the two of you in your own little bubble. Like you are the only people in the world.

Ending your walk at the Tel Aviv beach, just sitting together and watch the sun setting into the horizon of the Mediterranean Sea.

Do you need more than this? It is as romantic as it gets peeps!

Romantic Getaway # 4: Street Mall – Zichron Yaakov.

Zichron Yaakov – the 4th Romantic getaway we recommend for you.

Zichron was founded in 1882 and was one of the most famous Moshavot – Villages supported by the Baron De Rothschild.

This magical little village, with the street mall in the center, names the founders street, tells the history and tales of days gone by, but is also filled with humming new life and is very trendy. Filled with wonderful restaurants and cafes, art galleries and fashion shops, just a wonderful romantic place to visit. A short drive from |Haifa will get you here, and you will feel like you have reached another era.

Love is always in the air in Zichron and there is also a very famous love triangle story that happened just there, of Sara Aharonson the heroine of the NILI underground and her unrequited love to Avshalom Feinberg.

Romantic Getaway # 5: Sde Boker Lookout over the Tzin Valley.

The desert landscape is one of the most breathtaking views in Israel. Whether you are a desert lover or less so, this landscape is something you can’t ignore.

The desert is part of our romantic journey through Israel, it is filled with romantic spots for two, the vast space, the silence, the sunrises and sunsets with the most perfect colors give you the best setting for some magical and unforgettable time together. We chose for you  a special spot in the Negev, the lookout from Sde Boker towards Nachal Tzin. The Tzin stream. Sde Boker is where David Ben Gurion lived and where his burial grounds is. This spot is a memorial for Ben Gurion and his wife Paola. From this spot starts a beautiful promenade along the high cliff above the Valley of Tzin. Find one of the wooden benches and sit together and watch this primeval view. It is one of the most romantic spots in the south of Israel. Be sure to bring with you some chilled white wine and you are promised an unforgettable memory to cherish. 

Romantic Getaway # 6: Old Jaffa – Tel Aviv – Yafo.

Romantic getaway # 6 Old Jaffa.
We post a lot about Jaffa. We know.
We like it a lot.
Jaffa is a true escape for couples, right inside the city
The old coble stone streets, the arched windows and the tales this city can tell.

Great for a romantic evening out together, perhaps go to a show or a play at the local theatre, followed by a magnificent dinner in one of the city’s excellent gourmet restaurants, and finish with a stroll on the promenade, walking together and enjoying the Mediterranean breeze.

Romantic Getaway # 7: Loui Promenade- Haifa.

Loui Promenade in Haifa is our romantic spot # 7.

The capital of the north prides itself with the most marvelous vies of the Haifa bay. The Loui promenade was built in 1992 in memory of Loui Goldschmidt, by his parent that made Aliya from South Africa. The promenade is 400 meters long along the street of Yefe Nof leading up to the entrance to the Bahai gardens.  Along the walk there are lookout points to the entire bay, a small pool and a fountain, an obelisk in memory of the visit of the German Kaiser in Israel in 1898 and a restaurant with a wonderful view.

Walking together, having a quiet chat and enjoy this magnificent view sounds like a very romantic time together, do you agree?

These were our seven choices for the most romantic spots in Israel. Places to celebrate your love for each other and spend quality time together collecting memories to last you a lifetime.