Frequently Asked Questions

All there is to know about IsraeliBox

About IsraeliBox

IsraeliBox is a subscription box that brings you Israel. Every month, we choose a surprising and delightful theme for you, we carefully pick boutique and artisan items from all over Israel and lovingly curate a box with Israel inside it. Then, we ship our box thousands of miles across the world to your home, so you could enjoy the ultimate experience of Israel.

Anyone who has warm fuzzy feelings for Israel and/or is just excited to try out new awesome products from new places.

You click the subscribe button, choose your monthly plan, fill out your details and we send you each month a surprise themed Israelibox. That’s all there is to it.

A themed collection curated for you every month. Every IsraeliBox has something yummy, sometimes even two, something pampering that smells good, something artistic and something just for fun. All things inside an IsraeliBox are Israeli made, or designed, or manufactured.

NO! All products inside your IsraeliBox are full size items! And all proudly made, manufactured or designed in Israel.

Every item placed inside your IsraeliBox is made, manufactured or designed in Israel. for us, this is the magic of our boxes, all products we curate support the local Israeli market with pride.

Yes. All products inside your box are Kosher. You can look for the Kashrut on each label.

Just click the Give as a gift button, choose a box from our gift box collection, fill out the address of the person you wish to send your original Israeli gift to, add your personal greeting words, and we will send them the IsraeliBox in your name.

You can e-mail us at and we will get back to you as soon as we can. Just please remember that we might live in different time zones and sometimes we sleep a little, you know….Israelis, but still human

We believe in community, in the importance of our togetherness.

So… we do our little bit for our community. Each IsraeliBox will always have something made by a non-profit organization. We promise!

One item we put inside your box, will always be created by one of the weaker links in our community, and by placing these items inside the IsraeliBox each month we and you support them with dignity and pride.

If you wish to learn more about our community involvement click here

When you order the Yom Tov Special plan you will receive 3 boxes a year. Each box will arrive in time for each of the holidays, to make Rosh Hashana, Pesach and Hanukkah even more festive and special.


Shipping is FREE! Yes, you read it right, all the way from Israel, every month, and is included in your monthly subscription. There is no extra charge for shipping from Israel to anywhere in the world.

We ship from Israel to every corner of the earth, and it is FREE!!! Shipping fees are included in your monthly subscription.

For subscribers we are doing the utmost to get the box to you by the end of the month.

For gift shoppers, the box leaves our warehouse within 2 business days of the paid order and shipping time is up to 10-12 business days.

*** During COVID 19 days – please understand that international shipping in these times are complicated and delays are to be expected. thank you for understanding. we are doing our best to make sure shipping goes out as quickly as possible.

*** If you need express shipping please contact us at – pls note express shipping entails extra charges.   

Once a month for the duration of your subscription (1, 3, 6 months). or 3 times a year on Rosh Hashana. Pesach & Hanukkah – if you subscribed to the Yom Tov Special.

On the home page – click – ‘Give as Gift’ pink button – click ‘Get Now’- and you will arrive at the checkout page – choose ‘ship to a different address’. 

An email with your tracking number is being sent to you as soon as the box is shipped out from our warehouse. If for some reason, the email didn’t reach you, please contact us at

If you wish to update your shipping address, Please contact us at before the 15th of the month, for the box to arrive at new address on the same month.

My Account

Head over to the top right corner of our home page and click on ‘My Account’. Once there, you will need to provide the email address and password you used when purchasing your subscription. Fill in the information and you’re in!

You can reset your password by clicking – login- then click -forgot your password?- and you will receive an email to reset your password. check your inbox and junk mailbox as sometimes the email can end up there. 


  • Monthly Plan – $69 per box, pay every month. renewed automatically.
  • 3 Months Plan – $64 per box, pay every 3 months. renewed automatically.
  • 6 Months Plan – $62 per box. pay every 6 months. renewed automatically.
  • Yom Tov Special – $66 per box. pay every year. renewed automatically.
  • Gift IsraeliBox – Our gift boxes are available in a range of prices starting at $55.  1 payment only.

The last day to order your IsraeliBox is by the 17th of each month. if you do so, you will receive your first box by the last week of the month you ordered. If you subscribe after the 17th you will receive your first box by the last week of the month following the calendar month you subscribed. 

We really hope IsraeliBox has made you think of Israel fondly and gave you moments of fun and joy. We hope you continue to love Israel always.

Log onto your account under ‘subscription’ choose –“cancel”. You will then receive an email to verify your cancellation. 

Please NOTE  If you cancel in the middle of your subscription you will  receive all of the boxes from your remaining commitment! Canceling means your subscription will not be renewed, but if you signed up for example for  three months, you’ll still get your three month’s worth of IsraeliBoxes. 

Because we must order a specific quantity of items for our boxes-most of which are non-returnable–we cannot offer refunds once orders have been placed, or auto-renewals have been processed. Please note cancellations are for future boxes only, and not for the boxes already paid for (1, 3, or 6 depending on your subscription plan).

When you subscribe, you will be charged immediately for the subscription plan you have chosen (1, 3, or 6 months). Once your subscription cycle is over, you will be re-billed for the same cycle unless you switch to a different plan or cancel your subscription.

We accept credit cards: Visa, Mastercard and Amex.

You will be billed according to the plan of your choice. If you chose the monthly plan, you will be billed $69 each month. If you chose the 3 months plan, you will be billed $192 every third month, and if you chose the 6-month plan, you will be billed $372 every sixth month. (bi-annually). If you chose the Yom Tov Special, you will be billed yearly on the month you subscribed initially.

We do not charge sales tax. You will pay according to what appears on your chosen plan. (in the good old Israeli direct approach) but specific customs may apply according to your country, pls check with your local customs authority, if you are unsure. 

All prices shown on the site are in US dollars