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A curated box that tells a story and bring Israel to your people.

How do we work with organizations?


Discuss to clarify needs
Choose between customized alternatives
Finalize content


Co-Branded boxes
Branded marketing materials
Beautifully wrapped & packed


Door to door shipping
International insurance
Optional 4-day express shipping

Reflect your values and appreciation.

Be the best original gift-giving organization out there!

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Our collection of gift boxes was built to feature: something yummy (or even two), a beauty product that smells great, an artistic piece, Judaica or stationery. Each box features at least one social piece as a means of supporting non-profit organizations in Israel.

We also have boxes that contain only food products and encompass the culinary experience from Israel.

All of the products are created or designed in Israel by small businesses or nonprofits.

Definitely! All of the food products are certified Kosher by the Israeli rabbanut and sometimes even with stricter Kosher certification.

We always make an effort to help and to be as flexible as possible. If you’re interested in making changes, it’s best that we chat so that we can adjust the boxes to fit your needs.

Of course! Customized boxes are one of our favorite things to create. Creating your own box includes a minimum order requirement. After we speak we’d be happy to propose a number of options.

We take our work very seriously and therefore we work together as partners along every step until we’ve created the perfect box that meets your needs perfectly!

Shipping time depends on the destination.

Regular shipping takes a minimum of two weeks. 

Express shipping is up to 4 business days.

We ship boxes to the entire world. We’ve made it to every continent so far with our Israeli boxes. Even Abu Dhabi!

Definitely! We can print any card that you’d like to include for you. If you have your own materials that you’d like us to print, that’s also possible (with a minimum requirement). 

We make an effort to include your marketing materials and/or branding but it is important to remember that the entire experience is Israeli 🙂

No. We work with organizations in Israel for customized gifts as well as projects within Israel and across the world.

We work with production companies that integrate original and unique gifts from Israel including massive events or for conferences taking place in Israel.

Challenge us, we promise that we’ll deliver a great experience!

You don’t need more responsibility- leave it to us. After we’ve chosen the perfect box for you, we’ll take care of everything. Packaging, shipping, tracking to every destination, insurance in case of package loss or breakage.

Let us do the “dirty work” for you. We’ll let you soak up the compliments in your organization once the boxes arrive 🙂

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