Our Mission

Our mission is to bring Israel closer to you than ever.

  To tell the story of Israel & Israelis who live and love here. 

Our dream is to let the stories, creations, scents & flavors of Israel,
  as unique and unforgettable as Israel itself, tell the story of Israel. 
The IsraeliBox is created by Israelis, curated by Israelis, for those who love Israel.

If you are fascinated by Israel, whether from a personal memory,
a bucket list fantasy, or you simply feel a connection to the country,
we know you will love the IsraeliBox.

Israelibox Team


Hi, Maya and Sharon here.
  We are Israeli born and raised entrepreneurs and guess what? WE LOVE ISRAEL!
We suppose that’s a given but we never miss an opportunity to say it. Just feels so good.
Our love for Israel – for its people, products, food and landscape – is as authentic as it comes. 
And being the good humans that we are we felt uneasy keeping all this goodness to ourselves. 
So, we are paying it forward and boxing you up a little bit of Israel each month because sharing is caring
(and some things are just too good not to share). We hope you love it as much as we do!

sharon avatar revised with background

Sharon is a woman of words and messages. 
Over the last 2 decades, she has trained and consulted all over the world, in the fields of messaging, campaigning, Israel advocacy, fundraising, and Jewish identity. Sharon is always fascinated by the beautiful, artisan and creative side of Israeli lifestyle.
Sharon was born in Tel Aviv and today lives in the beautifully designed city of Modiin. Sharon is married to Alex and is the dedicated and proud mom of Itai, Yuval and princess Noa.

maya avatar revised with background

Maya’s career spans over 15 years in the food and cosmetics industries in Israel, developing and implementing marketing
strategies for the local markets. 
She is a true marketer at heart and loves strategy, creativity,
and Israeli-made anything!
Maya was born in Haifa and is now living in a small town in the majestic Samaria hills called Salit.  Married to Sagi, she is the proud (and very brave) mama of 3 amazing boys:  Yoav, Nadav and Ido.

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oh, shalom!

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