Our Creators

Israel’s most important natural resource are the Israelis.
The creativity, the ingenuity, the originality are what makes us a superpower.
We at IsraeliBox have explored the country
from Metula in the north to Eilat in the south
in search of the best creators and the most beautiful
and authentic creations to place inside your IsraeliBox.

Halva Kingdom

Eli Mamman knows all the family secrets. Rooted in his Moroccan family, his recipes create this well-known Jerusalem-based sweet sesame treat. The halva sold at Halva Kingdom is only available at Machne Yehuda market, and the brand makes over a 100 different flavors and types. The first Halva Kingdom store opened in 1947 in the Old City. After the Jews were deported from the Old City, the family opened up the store at the Machne Yehuda market. The halva is manufactured at a factory in Mishor Edomim. The process includes imported sesame from Ethiopia, millstone grinding of the seeds, and mixing the blend with sugar until it's as sweet as it gets.


Studio Emanuel

Yair Emanuel has been creating Judaica art for 30 years. Graduating from Bezalel Art Academy Yair has a passion for colors and designs and each piece he creates is a work of art beautiful as is without even being looked at as Judaica artifacts. Yair loves colors, especially blue, and drives his inspiration many a times from nature and creation. At his studio in Jerusalem he has 15 people working with him. His eldest seamstress is 78 years of age!

The beautiful Shop in Jerusalem is an amazing space of art and beauty.


Ayelet’s Spices

Ayelet’s Spices is a specialty online spice shop. They create special spice blends and mixes, all fresh, unique, made from a 100% spices, no additives, Gluten free and Kosher.

Ayelet’s Spices vision is to make people fall back in love with home cooking, and go back to cook real, healthy and simple food that people love. They believe in full transparency, high quality products and excellent service from the heart.


Ofek Wertman

Ofek Wertman Design Studio is a unique Jewish gift shop Specialized in design and manufactured fine artistic and color full, made in Israel, home decor Judaica Gifts, Jewish Gifts for the Home, traditions Jewish gifts, Jewish and Hebrew accessories and Israeli Home Decor. The Studio was founded in the year 2006 in Tel Aviv. Ofek's works are characterized by combining the current Israeli experience with ancient Jewish history, resulting in a contemporary, colorful, Israeli, pop-art style.
Ofek's products are integrating graphic design with industrial design and using various printing techniques on diverse materials, such as wood, metal, cloth, and leather.


Lin’s Farm

Lin’s Farm - Innovative Natural Products

Lin's Farm has been at the forefront of family farming and natural food innovation for generations. their unique product line is a groundbreaking blend of tradition & novelty, bringing you one-of-a-kind flavor combinations from the shores of the Mediterranean.

Lin’s farm is mainly a bee farm and create incredible honey products. They also create other specialty Israeli gourmet foods.


Sabon Michal

Sabon Michal is a small and loving family business that creates natural cosmetics in the Upper Galilee. The founders Michal & Noam Levy, started the small factory back in 2007 at their small home kitchen in Kiryat Tivon.

Today Sabon Michal is a small factory that still feels like a family business. The fundamental idea that leads them is that  high quality healthy-to-use natural cosmetics should be available and affordable for all. They focus on high quality raw materials and uncompromising hand-made manufacturing process.


Nav Notebook

Danielle had loved bunnies since she was a little girl. She is a graphic designer, graduated from Shenkar. She specializes in an eclectic style of drawings, uniquely combining work by hand and computer designed art.

By creating NAV Notebooks Danielle is combining two of her biggest loves. Her love for Print and paper design and her love for bunnies. Danielle is a budding young artist, dreaming big of a home styling brand of her own one day. She is a strong young Israeli woman, that is following her dreams and for her, the sky is the limit.



OTOTO, in Hebrew means “any minute now”.  Ototo was created with the understanding that an innovative idea can pop into your head at any given moment. Founders Dani and Ori were inspired by the notion that the next great idea is always right around the corner, waiting to arrive.

OTOTO products are functional household items with a witty and unexpected twist.    Many of them are inspired by fairy tales or myths.

The OTOTO team believes humor to be an important part of their design process. They try to infuse that whimsy and playfulness into every product, alongside its functionality.


Kassel Candles

In the early 1990’s a young man fresh out of the army took all his savings and decided to take his grandfather hobby, to make candles out of beeswax in his farm in the galilee and make into an international business. Today Kassel candles is a leading Israeli brand, creating quality candles, in very high quality combining originality, beauty and innovation. Candles are still manufactured manually, by hand, each mold designed and created by a pair of human hands with attention to detail and passion. All manufacturing is 100% Israeli made. 


 Tabor Winery

Tabor Winery was founded in 1999 in Kfar Tavor located at the Lower Galillee. The winery was founded by 4 vine growing families from the area. Tabor winery vines are spread all over Israel, from the Golan Heights and Galillee in the north to the Mitzpe Ramon area in the Negev.
The winery believes in keeping the ecological balance in the vineyards and is encouraging less chemicals, local vegetation and recreating the natural habitat for the local fauna.

In 2019 Tabor Winery celebrates 20 years and promises to keep making quality wine, for everyone who enjoys good wine.


Aunt Bertha from Beth El Industries

Aunt Bertha is a boutique factory that manufactures gourmet food items in traditional methods, all natural ingredients, no preservatives or artificial coloring.
For many years Bertha’s family lived in a small European village, dreaming of living in Israel.
The expertise of making fruit confiture has been running in the family for many generations. When they came to the Carmel heights they brought with them the passion for the kitchen and the traditional methods were modernized and improved whilst keeping the attention for details, the love of the creating process and the devotion to great natural flavors. 


Inbal Zisser - BELL & ME TLV

Inbal Zisser is an Israeli graphic designer and illustrator and the owner of BELLE & ME illustration brand.

Belle & Me is all about the lovely character of Belle - a girl with a fresh attitude to self love and positive thinking, that helps women and girls to see their inner beauty when looking at the mirror.
Inbal designed a line of quality gifts that delivers Belle’s messages in a variety of charming and fun products.


Café Landwer

The aromas and flavors of the Landwer family’s  freshly roasted coffee delighted coffee lovers since 1919.
The famous quality and uncompromising blends, renowned already in Berlin, moved to the streets of young Tel Aviv and became a household name.
The Landwer Family passionately kept the family tradition and love of coffee,  and today - a 100 years later - coffee lovers can still enjoy the freshly roasted coffee blend and flavour. 

Café Landwer – a family that makes coffee for a century.



Wish Bags was created by Shanika. Shanika wishes to fill the world with good words and positivity and believes that the way to do so is by wishing one another kindness and good intentions.

Shanika believes that sometimes, all a person needs is a kind word to ignite the light within him.

Wish bags was born out of a birthday gift for a very good friend, and today sends wish bags of good intentions to anyone who needs it.



Dafna created Meydalle brand in 2008 – choosing the word that for her symbolized roots, and home and love and the hug of her grandparents. She brings her belief in positive psychology, and personal growth into the jewelry art she creates. For her, every piece of jewelry is a way to place the positivity and inner strength we all hold within into a physical object that serves as a constant reminder to the power we have inside.

Many of her pieces are designed with Hebrew words and statements of encouragement and inner strength.


Miri Hechter –One by One 

Miri is a ceramic artist for over 20 years.   
She creates beautiful useful ceramic art that you can use at home, in the office and at your garden.

Miri  also creates special order and custom made art pieces. Each item Miri makes is created with love, one by one, with maximum attention to detail.

All creations are burned in very high temperatures that gives them strength and longevity – they can even be used in the oven, microwaves and are dishwasher friendly.


Malka Brewery

Malka Brewery specializes in making Ale in a traditional way, always keeping a high quality of raw materials, and a high quality of beer.

Malka beer is a boutique Israeli beer brand that every Israeli who loves beer already heard of.

It is true pioneering and creativity all bottled up.


Meydalle Soaps

Meydalle soaps was born in Hila Doron's home kitchen 9 years ago. Meydalle is her husband's Ran nickname for her and for her it symbolizes deep emotions, love, faith and self-fulfillment. Hila began by creating soaps at home and selling them all over Israel in fairs and malls. She learned what people loved, what made them happy, & which scents bring back beloved memories. She also learned that a soap bar is much more than just a product you use to wash with, it triggers a much deeper sensory feeling & emotion that is sometimes surprising for such a small product. The factory grew and today after producing a winning formula Meydalle creates soaps for many Israelis who enjoy the scents and beauty.


Monkey Business

Monkey Business has been adding the extra to the ordinary since 1994. They shine a light on the little things that make up your day so you can see them from a new perspective.

They bring beauty and originality to the home & office and organize surroundings with style. Their products are expertly designed yet affordable. Practical yet humorous.
The leading product designers of Israel, from talented youngsters to experienced professionals, all contribute to Monkey Business wide ranging and eclectic mix of innovative design gifts.



Lavender is a family-owned, Israeli company that was born from understanding that the skin, which envelopes our body, is vulnerable and permeable. 

Lavender was created in 2006 due to Ido & Tali, the cofounders’ personal experience, the harm caused by many of the products that we all use in our daily life at home and our body, made them aware of the bigger harm these products are causing to our health and to our environment. Lavender’s products are human-friendly and environmentally-friendly, and are made from premium raw materials from all over the world, especially from Israel.


Elisha’s Beeswax

Elisha’s Beeswax is a small family apiary in Kibbutz Yifat in the Jesreel Valley. The apiary was founded 30 years ago and is being run by Elisha. Their expertise is manufacturing all things bee: natural bee products, honey and beeswax candles.