Do You Love Israel?

Experience the treasures of Israel straight to your doorstep.

Do You Love Israel?

Experience the treasures of Israel
straight to your doorstep.

The magic of Israel in a box

Inside each box you’ll find a themed collection curated for you.
Each product tells a different story from Israeli life and culture.
In every Israelibox you’ll find something yummy, something pampering, something artistic
and something just for fun.
The fifth item is always a social product that supports Israeli nonprofits.
Everything you’ll find in your Israelibox is 100% Israeli-made
or designed.

A social cause in every box

Free shipping world wide

All products are made in Israel

Shalom, Maya here.
I am an Israeli born and raised entrepreneur and guess what?
I suppose that’s a given but I never miss an opportunity to say it. It just feels so good.
My love for Israel – for its people, products, food and landscapes –
is as authentic as can be.
I realized that I felt a bit uneasy keeping all this goodness to myself. 
So, I decided to box up a little bit of Israel each month and share with the world
(after all, some things are just too
good not to share). 
I hope you love it as much as I do!

Social cause in every box

Part of the magic of Israel is our diversity,
our vibrant colors, and the sense of community, social responsibility and togetherness that we all share.

“Kol Israel arevim ze laza” means we are all responsible for one another
and that is a fundamental truth we rely on.
So… we do our little bit for our community.

In each IsraeliBox we choose an item that is made by a local non-profit organization.  
This is our way of giving back to the community and supporting important causes and organizations. 

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