Experience the treasures of Israel straight to your doorstep

Experience the treasures of Israel straight to your doorstep.

The magic of Israel in a box

Inside each box you’ll find a themed collection curated for you.
Each product tells a different story from Israeli life and culture.
In every Israelibox you’ll find something yummy, something pampering, something artistic
and something just for fun.
The fifth item is always a social product that supports Israeli nonprofits.
Everything you’ll find in your Israelibox is 100% Israeli-made
or designed.

A social cause in every box

Free shipping world wide

All products are made in Israel

Shalom, Maya here.
I am an Israeli born and raised entrepreneur and guess what?
I suppose that’s a given but I never miss an opportunity to say it. It just feels so good.
My love for Israel – for its people, products, food and landscapes –
is as authentic as can be.
I realized that I felt a bit uneasy keeping all this goodness to myself. 
So, I decided to box up a little bit of Israel each month and share with the world
(after all, some things are just too
good not to share). 
I hope you love it as much as I do!

Social cause in every box

Part of the magic of Israel is our diversity,
our vibrant colors, and the sense of community, social responsibility and togetherness that we all share.

“Kol Israel arevim ze laza” means we are all responsible for one another
and that is a fundamental truth we rely on.
So… we do our little bit for our community.

In each IsraeliBox we choose an item that is made by a local non-profit organization.  
This is our way of giving back to the community and supporting important causes and organizations. 

Learn more about our social partners

What people are saying about Israelibox

Love it
Sami A.
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It's a nice treat and made with love.
Catherine A.
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I am extermly happy to have subscribed to Israeli box. All the boxes i received ( 6 now) are great. Each box is a new Isreali experience. The product inside the box are great My favorite box : the Israeli desert box !! Thank you Maya for sharing with so much care how much you love your country Israel.
So happy with every box
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So happy with every box that arrives, I smell Israel when I open it!!!
Loved our box
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Everything was fantastic. My family especially loved the hamsa wall hang with the mist incredible smelling spray. Will be ordering more.
Beautiful Boxes
Sandra M.
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This was a gift for my sister who misses visiting Israel. I loved the things that I chose that came in two beautiful gift boxes. I was disappointed that the wine bottles were so tiny. I wish there could be more gifts to choose like Israeli jewelry and more food choices. Overall, it made a great birthday gift, and it came right on time!
Wonderful gift
Ny L.
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My friend was pleasantly surprised to receive this for her birthday! She raved about it to our friends.
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Thanks for sending over a reminder of what makes Israel (and Israelis) so amazing. The box brought back many wonderful memories from our trip and Iג€™m looking forward to planning my next visit soon.
I loved my Israeli Box
Maria A.
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Although unable to visit Israel this year, receiving this box made it that much closer to me. I anxiously awaiting receiving my box, and wasn't disappointed when I did. Thank you so much for it. (But just one side comment, my class pepper toothpick holder did come broken - but it's nothing a little glue won't fix!)
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I loved receiving my IsraeliBox in the mail, the packaging was so cool! I used the spices to make Shakshuka right away. It was a great taste of Israel!
Great product
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I love getting my Israeli box every month. One of the highlights right now!
First box
Elise S.
Read More
I received the first box today. Thank you for the lovely items. It certainly brightened my day.
Makes a wonderful gift
Peter R.
Read More
"Amazing products in nice portions & a great way to ""visit"" Israel when you cannot get there in person Adank ! b""h Peter"
Love it
Lisa J.
Read More
"We love everything!! It's wonderful getting the products from Israel!!!!!! It so fun and interesting to read about them. Thank you"
What a Great Surprise!
Gail B.
Read More
This was my first package so I was surprised when it arrived. I was excited to open it and loved the assortment of items. They were useful, lovely and reminded me of being in Israel and shopping for unusual items. Also loved the item made by Shikum Acher. It made me feel good to support Israeli businesses! Thanks!
Gift box
Rosanna C.
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My sister was overwhelmed by happiness when she received her gift box she absolutely love it! She sent me a photo of all products, excellent quality and presentation. Thank you God bless you
Love It!
Ellen G.
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I loved getting products that are from Israel and that supports the communities and charities!! Just wood like to see a little better packaging so that nothing get broken( my fish) and arrives safely!!!
I love it!
Tina C.
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I love all of the surprises I received in my first ever IsraeliBox! What a blessing! I mentioned what I received on social media and a couple of my friends are even interested! I highly recommend IsraeliBox...it's such a fun way to receive a piece of Israel and help the Israeli economy in this difficult time. Love, love, love!!!!
Making my friend happy on her birthday!
Samantha H.
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I sent this box to my friend in California as a birthday gift. She said she really likes it! Thanks for making gifting easier this year since it would have been too hard to get out and prepare some nice Israeli treats on my own due to Covid.
Lauren K.
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We weren't able to travel to israel this year so bring back a little bit of the land of milk & honey for our family, so IsraeliBox served as the perfect gift until we are able to go back!
Great solution!
frann s.
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This was a great solution for what do you get a teenager, who is probably getting a lot of typical gifts and you don't want to give gelt.
Adorable pieces to share
Jillian P.
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I purchased this box with the intention of giving one thing to 4 different girl friends and then keeping one item for myself! I didn't sign up for the monthly subscription just because I wanted to see if the quality of the items held up during shipment to Vegas all the way from Israel, and it did not disappoint! I'll be a returning customer for sure!
First Order
Gloria N.
Read More
I was happy with the product that came to me. I appreciated the note about not putting peanuts in the order. I have planted my seeds and hope they will grow into a lovely plant for me.
So happy with our box!
Lynda K.
Read More
This was the first time I had made an order. The box is beautifully packaged and the items are amazing. So happy with it. Will definitely order again.
So happy with our box!
Lynda K.
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This was the first time I had made an order. The box is beautifully packaged and the items are amazing. So happy with it. Will definitely order again.
Excellent quality and fun
Belinda D.
Read More
This social box was filled with quality items and a fun way to increase social awareness. Thank you IsraeliBox!
Looooooved it!
Dana K.
Read More
I sent it to my daughter that lives across the country and she would not be with us for Pesach. I wanted her to feel close to us with a little gift. Well, she loved it and was so excited to get it and try everything inside it. Thank you for helping to make this year's holiday special.
Perfect Gift
Sandra J.
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This was the perfect gift for my son! He was SO surprised and amazed that such a box existed from Israel.
Travel in a box
Angela M.
Read More
It was an amazing gift for my friend who loves Israel! She's traveled there several times so it was perfect for her!
Love this box.
Sarah B.
Read More
Wonderful! I highly recommend israelibox. Perfect items, arrived in great shape, supporting good causes...a little bit of Israel in my home.
Great gift!
Sarah K.
Read More
I ordered these for gifts and everyone loved them! I highly recommend them. Great way to support Israel, a small woman owned business and get amazing items!
Unbelievable Customer Service
Laurel W.
Read More
Maya ALWAYS responds quickly to any of my questions - no matter how trivial they may be. That it a rarity among online retailers, in my experience. Thanks, Maya and team!!
Nice assortment of goodies
Meryl M.
Read More
It was a really lovely box. I'm glad to be doing my part to help Israel
6 months in and still loving it!
Belinda D.
Read More
After receiving IsraeliBox for 6 months I still enjoy each shipments variety of products. I love supporting businesses that value people of all different abilities and that have a heart. :heart: Thank you for making available these products for me and my family.
So pleased!
Read More
My recent boxes were bought as gifts. They were very well received. I am so happy with what you have to offer.
Great present
Michael O.
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"I ordered this for my sister-in-law's 60th birthday. She was delighted as all the products were her favourite items. It arrived well in advance of her birthday and we received notification of its progress in transit between Israel and the UK."
Denise W.
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I absolutely loved my box. I could not be happier with all the products. So much so, that I decided to gift one of the boxes. The ease of ordering and shipping made the process very easy. I highly recommend Israeli Box. I will be ordering again for myself and for future gifts. Thank you for providing me with a taste of Israel
My second IsraeliBox
Joanne P.
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I am elated , excited so happy to see everything included in my box this month. It is packed professionally, looks beautiful and I get to learn all about the people that produce such incredible products and why and how they came to make them. What a privilege I have to contribute to the economy of Israel and be a part of a community that supports the greatest nation in the world. That's right I am a citizen of the USA but I honor and respect Israel with all my heart. Thank you for making this possible for me.
Great Gifts!!
Denise W.
Read More
These boxes make terrific gifts and I'm extremely pleased. The products are fantastic and the ease of ordering is appreciated. Keep up the great work
Excitement Every Month
Patrick G.
Read More
We love getting our Israeli Box every month. Discovering the contents is always a great pleasure and we have enjoyed the wide variety of products. We also regularly donate items from the box to a local synagogue, which uses them as competition prizes and as supplies for their community programs
Excellent service
Daniel R.
Read More
Shalom from Madrid. Thank you Maya for being so helpful and polite!
Malisa R.
Read More
Hi Maya, we love the Hanukkah Box. I am very impressed by the contents & overall look. The treats are delicious. Thank you so much providing this treasure from Israel. God bless you & Shalom!
Charles W.
Read More
Didn't order soon enough. Will be used next year. But, the ladies loved the box.
Israel Came to Us!
Sandra C.
Read More
My husband has travelled to the Holy Land 5 times. He loves Israel. Since he couldn't go this year- the Israel box was a much appreciated gift. He loved all the contents. Thank you!
Gift boxes
Rachel S.
Read More
I ordered two boxes for my family for the holidays. My family let me know it was the best dates they've ever had! I am so excited to find a company that puts such care in their product. And excited to be able to support Israeli businesses.
Excellent Gift!
Joanna E.
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"My aunt so enjoyed receiving her Israeli Box. It was so special to her to open a box full of items from the land she loves so much! Even better, i was able to support an Israeli business :heart:ן¸"
United with Israel
Deborah R.
Read More
My first box arrived In February. I was excited to see the content of it! Loved everything inside my box, I even shared some things with my sister! Can't wait to receive the next This month!
Box came crashed and open.
William L.
Read More
Box came crashed and open. Although Maya Emailed me that she was going to send me another box which we really appreciate as the dates were very good.
What a great gift!
Madeline L.
Read More
I sent a custom box as a gift to a friend who had just visited me in Israel and she LOVED it 🙂 It was beautifully packaged and all the items were wonderful. I will definitely order another one for future gifts.

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