Cause of the month: Alin Beit Noam

September 2019

Blended among the quiet neighborhood homes is a novel day care center where professionalism and inclusion demonstrate respect for human dignity. Over 70 adults with severe disabilities from throughout Israel attend Beit Noam daily. . At Beit Noam, their lives are filled with interest, dignity, care and fulfillment.

After entering the grounds which are clearly well kept, a glimpse at every classroom, workshop, and therapy room is further evidence of a commitment to the highest standards. A dedicated professional team works with the members of Beit Noam every day as together they aspire to meaningful, purposeful lives, with each member striving to reach his or her potential.

Alin Beit Noam was founded by parents in search of a program, and a place that would care for their disabled, adult children and facilitate their potential for a meaningful and equal life..

Today there are 72 members who attend Beit Noam every day. There are 6 classes, with 12 members in each class. Each member has a personal program carefully tailored to him or her by the professional team. The staff includes 130 dedicated professionals who work with the 72 members in a very warm and caring environment.

Activities at Beit Noam, all conducted on-site, include physiotherapy, occupational therapy, and hydrotherapy in the accessible pool, art therapy, and animal therapy in the petting zoo.

Beit Noam is a leading, national center which shares its vision and expertise with caregivers and academic institutions throughout Israel, and serves as a center for training and knowledge for all special needs professions.

Alin Beit Noam is a nonprofit organization, advocating for social justice and human dignity, with a particular emphasis on improving the quality of life for people with disabilities. All projects stem from a fundamental value and respect for diversity and human difference. Alin Beit Noam’s mission is to generate social change in Israel that will result in inclusion and adoption of principles of universalism in the dominant discourse regarding people with disabilities.


For us, encountering the amazing and compassionate activity and programs at Beit Noam was beautiful and tender proof of the strength of the human spirit and the kindness to be found in this world.