Cause of the month: Amichai

February 2019

If there is ever a truly moving, important and inspiring work that is carried out in true humbleness, compassion and the utmost humanity it is the work of Amichai.

Amichai is a nonprofit that is leading change in Israeli society in the way people with developmental disabilities are perceived. And from the very first moment we met them we were in awe.

Amichai provides services to appx. 400 people with developmental disabilities, aiming to improve their quality of life and enable them to live a fully, equal and independent life within the normative community.

Starting at the age of 3 and throughout their life. Amichai is there to enable them to lead an independent life in the community and live in equality.

Amichai provides recreational and para-therapeutic activities for children after school, on weekends and during summer & holiday vacations.

To the adult community, Amichai gives a true meaningful life within the community. The housing program is an inclusive solution within the community, in a high standard facility and a quality of life. Amichai operates two occupational centers for adults and seniors. These centers are the only solution for adults with complexed developmental disabilities in the community.

In Amichai they take inclusion very seriously. All programs are based within the community and strives for a true social change.

The true meaning of seeing the other – The one different from ourselves. They believe wholeheartedly in every person’s right to live in dignity, independent from his or her disability.

And we believe in them. Beautiful, important, and most of all inspiring.
We are thankful that there are people and organizations like Amichai. That take upon themselves tasks like this. They make all of us better.