Chicken Soup – A family Classic

February 2019

A bowl of chicken soup can heal both body and soul – every parent out there knows that and every child, even the ones who already grew up – knows the feeling of utmost comfort and console you can find in a bowl of homemade chicken soup.

In my family it is the most favourite food of all. The kids ask for it even during the hot Israeli summer… the scent of an aromatic chicken soup boiling away on the stove is the ultimate feeling of home to me.

What will you need?

A big pot – Israeli family size 🙂

1 whole chicken – skinless, cut into portions
1 big whole onion pilled
1 parsley root – peeled, and halved
5-6 carrots – peeled and halved
3-4 celery sticks – washed and halved
A bundle of fresh parsley
A bundle of fresh dill
2 chicken stock cubes (we use no preservatives and no MSG added products)
1/4 tsp freshly ground pepper
1 tbsp salt
Lemon juice
5 litters water


How to make the magic happen?

  1. With your hands break the parsley & dill bundles and squeeze into the “pulke”  (if you don’t have one of these wonderful gadgets in your kitchen yet, just tie them up with a string
  2. Fill the pot with the water, place the chicken parts in it and bring to a boil. During the boiling process, with a spoon, skim and discard the scum that surfaces to the top to achieve as clean a water as you can.
  3. Lower the heat to medium, add the onion-whole and the carrots and bring into a boil for the second time. Cover the pot and boil once more, add the chicken stock cubes, the salt and the pepper, and stir well, add the herbs pulke and simmer for about 40 minutes more, with the lid on a low heat.
  4. After 40 minutes to an hour – take out the onion and the herb pulke.
  5. Serve with a zest of lemon juice

6. … and these  soup mandels
 שקדי מרק

or these… noodles

WhatsApp Image 2019-01-29 at 12.21.15

Chicken soup is known as the Jewish antibiotics.
I believe that the power of its magical healing comes from the ultimate love and support a family gives us.
Chicken soup – is Love unconditional love served hot in a bowl with a spoon.