Creator of the month: CityKat Stories

June 2019

A typical Jerusalem Stone building, in the heart of Jerusalem. “We are on the 2nd floor, just walk up, you’ll see a sign on the door”. And so we met Boris Ginsburg. Boris welcomes us with a big smile and takes us to the meeting room. All the walls are decorated with handmade art – delicate and colourful drawings and sketches. A very happy room, filled with light and inspiration. We just knew that we have reached a special place to meet special people.

Ira and Boris were both born in Moscow, and made Aliyah from pure Zionistic motives. They met here in Israel, at Kibbutz Shoresh near Jerusalem and it was love at first sight. They married after one month!
Ira is a very very talented graphic designer, and Boris was many many things over the years, he is an athlete, and a stained glass artist, he also studied advertising and marketing. After a few years of working in different places, Ira and Boris started their own branding business, Ira as the art director and Boris in charge of the business side. They branded many Israeli companies, but always dreamt about something of their own.

Life here in Israel is not always easy. Especially as new Olim, they were many points in time were they felt like giving up and moving somewhere else. But they never did. They stayed. They stayed because they both truly love this place, are very proud of Israel, and it is the only place they call home.

The beauty that is Israel, the charm, the happiness is often missed in today’s International media. And this is where we connected so strongly. Both IsraeliBox and CityKat stories are two initiatives with a vision to change that perception. To show Israel’s other angels and faces.

CityKat stories was born out of a wish to show the cool, young Israel we live in.
“the books and designs are our places, our people, the real special Israel. Our Israel” Ira said to us with sparkling eyes.  The city guide is filled with thoughts and stories, about hidden doors and secret allies that are the true Israel. The non-touristic Israel. CityKat Stories has created a Tel- Aviv city guide too. Their dream is to create city guide books for other places in the world as well, where local people sketch, write and share their city from their own eyes.

IsraeliBox of fun Facts about CityKat Stories – Ira & Boris Ginzburg. 

What is your favorite place in Israel?  Beit Yanay beach. It is a tranquil, beautiful place where one can truly connect with nature.  

What is most Israeli to you? The openness of the people – for better and for worse.

What do you like best about Israeliness?  The “rough around the edges” feel of it, the beauty is hidden just a little underneath the surface, and you need to look a little closer sometime to truly see it. The Israeli culture is eclectic and unique and it may take years really get to know it.   

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