Creator of the month: Ayelet's Spices

September 2019

Ayelet and Nissim are a very special to us here at IsraeliBox. They are with us from the very beginning. In fact, they were the first Israeli business who we shared our dream and story with. And they loved it. We have joined hands and walked together from the very first box.

If you have been following us for a while, and getting IsraeliBoxes delivered to your home, you had enjoyed their spices by now many a times. They are amazing, aren’t they? So it is with great pleasure that we are telling their story this month. The month of new beginnings, with those who believed in us from the very start. 

So, you know how some people know exactly what they wanna be when they grow up?
How they plan and schedule and target accurately? Well that is not the story here. Because some people find their true calling in life purely by chance. Like life has put in front of them exactly what they needed to do in this world and just haven’t realized it on their own.

This is exactly the story of Ayelet Venezia of Ayelet’s spices. Ayelet had a BA in business and spent many years in the hi-tech world. 6 years ago, Ayelet and her husband Nissim decided to change their way of life and change their nutrition to the paleo diet lifestyle, which is a diet that is based on whole foods and avoid processed food, sugar and everything artificial. 

There was a very successful paleo market at the time, and they started to visit and buy their produce there. As it happened, Ayelet found herself in between jobs at the time, and offered her assistance and expertise as she felt passionate about the concept. It turned out that the market was missing spices. Ayelet’s neighbor was working at a spice factory, and so she offered to help. She opened up a small stall at the next market, offering spices that are with no sugars and no preservatives.

And people loved it! They came back the next time, and people loved it even more. Ayelet realized that people are very interested in learning about the spices, their origin, what you can do with them. So she started to do what she does best, and that’s telling stories.

People came back to her again and again sharing their success stories in the kitchen thanks to her spices. All of a sudden they enjoyed cooking at home, opened up to new flavors and tastes, experimented with food and spent magical times with their families and loved ones.

And then, it happened. Ayelet realized that this is exactly what she wanted to do with her life. Get people to go back to home cooking, to enjoy time with family and loved ones, and enjoy good food and healthy home cooking. The joy and happiness it brought them brought double the amount to Ayelet and her family.  And so Ayelet’s Spices was born.

Today Ayelet’s spices is a very successful online spices shop. The choice to make it online only was twofold; it makes the spices available to everyone everywhere, and it allows Ayelet and Nissim to live their life around their family and raising their 3 girls in a less stressful environment.  Ayelet says that working together with the husband can be a challenge, but it is also amazing. It is thanks to their very special connection and thru healthy communication that they make it work and enjoy every minute.

Ayelet’s spices expertise lies in spice mixes that makes home cooking easy. All you need is a good raw ingredient and a good spice mix and the magic is sure to happen.
Their dream is get people to fall back in love with home cooking, go back to cooking at home for the people they love. They share the tips, techniques and stories of spices and food with their customers and Ayelet’s love for food and the kitchen has found its true calling and place, for the world to enjoy. 

תערובת קרדיט אלה מילת

IsraeliBox of fun Facts about – Ayelet’s Spices

Where did you grow up? Moshav Bizzaron

What is your favorite place in Israel? My home. We live in Katzir. I love the green and the water and the mountains air.

What is most Israeli to you? The family meals. Informal, spontaneous. Cooking is always a combination of very complicated recipes alongside quick and easy ones. The togetherness, the warmth around the table.

What do you like best about Israeliness? The warmth and the love. The willingness to help one another.

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