Crown Honey Challah for the New Year

September 2019

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To celebrate the New Year, we all need a celebratory challah to give us the sweet taste of new beginnings  and wishes for a beautiful, happy and successful year ahead. So here is wonderful and festive challah recipe to make you feel special for this special time of year.

שנה טובה!

Makes 2 Challahs

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You’ll need

1 kg Plain Flour

1 tbsp Salt

1/4 cup Caster Sugar

2 tbsp Dried Yeast

2 L Eggs

1/3 cup Canola Oil

1/4 cup Honey

360 ml / 1.5 cups lukewarm water

For the Glazing:

4 tbsp Honey mixed with 2 tbsp boiling water


How To

  1. In a mixer bowl with a kneading hook place the flour, salt and dried yeast.
  2. Fold in the sugar, eggs, honey and oil and mix well.
  3. Add the water slowly and gradually, not all quantity, only until the dough forms
  4. Kneed for about 10 minutes until a soft and sticky dough forms.
  5. Oil a bowl and roll the dough in it until covers well. Let it rise until double in size, in a cloth covered bowl. About 1.5 hours.
  6. Oil a round 28″ spring pan, and place a small, oven suitable glass bowl upside down in the center. Oil the flipped glass bowl as well.
  7. After the dough has risen, divide into 9 bowls, 100 gr. each and about 5cm diameter.
  8. Smooth each ball’s surface using both palms and pushing the access dough underneath and inside the ball.
  9. Place the dough balls in the pan, spaces 2 cm. apart, with their smoothed side up.
  10. Cover in cloth, and let it rise again for 40 minutes.
  11. Preheat oven to 180°C/350°F/Gas4 Oven
  12. Bake for 20 – 25 minutes until golden
  13. When the Challah is out of the oven brush with the honey glaze and sprinkle some crystalized sugar on top.
  14. Only after the challah riches room temperature let out of the pan, and take out glass bowl.
  15. Serve fresh! It is best like so!

I promise the house will be filled with the aroma of Rosh Hashana and the festive atmosphere will surround you. 

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