Creator of the month: Dafna Shemesh – Meydalle Jewelry

May 2019

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Dafna is the kind of woman who follows her dreams. She grabs them with both hands and does not let go until she brings them to life. She is a very inspiring woman and a very talented one too.

Dafna finished her studies in business school, and began working in the corporate world, soon to find out the routine and the lifestyle was not for her, she dreamed of other inspirations and of creative life.

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She soon fell in love with the design industry.
She wanted to create things that will make people happy.
But she lacked the education and experience. Think she let it stand in her way? You guessed it, she did not!
She started with a small stand on Dizengof st. in TLV. A humble beginning, learning her craft and mastering the skill over time. She always looked to the horizon and placed her finger on the furthest point saying:
“this is where I wish to be” and amazingly enough, she got there.

Dafna gets her inspiration from the streets of the city, the people and the markets. Design ideas are combined from various walks of life, different materials and interesting combinations.

Dafna created Meydalle brand in 2008 – choosing the word that for her symbolized roots, home, love and the hug of family. She brings her belief in positive psychology, and personal growth into the jewelry art she creates. For her, every piece of jewelry is a way to place the 

positivity and inner strength we all hold within into a physical object that serves as a constant reminder to the power we have inside.

Dafna’s dream is to continue to make pieces of jewelry that brings happiness and light to those who wear them and spread positivity in the world thru words of encouragement and love. Many of her pieces are designed with Hebrew words and statements of encouragement and inner strength.

You can follow Meydalle Jewlery on Instagram @meydallejewelry or visit her website


IsraeliBox of fun Facts about Dafna Shemesh – Meidalle Jewlery

What is your favorite place in Israel?  ? Nature reserve Habonim Beach. Because of the tranquility, freedom and sea.  

What is most Israeli to you? To create homemade gifts and walk around to friends and family to hand them out.

What do you like best about Israeliness? The strong and close community life. Caring for one another.

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