Daniela Katsikas – Tree of life Soaps

June 2020

Daniela Katsikas is a one women show soap artist from Tel Aviv.  She is 27 years old, born in Jerusalem and grew up in Tel Aviv and Chile, Daniela is an aromatherapist, a writer, nature lover and an eternal learner.

Tree of Life is a project that started five years ago as a hobby and quickly turned into a beautiful Israeli business. Daniela is a proud Israeli that feels very connected to Israel and its heritage.

Her Studio is located in the attic of her grandmother’s home in Tel Aviv.
A house built by her Grandfather who passed away last year, with love and care and her family roots are planted deep in it. The counters she fabricates her soaps on were built by him and the creation and inspiration are all unified together for her

The inspiration for her products is also rooted in the Bible and the unique local nature. Many of the ingredients she uses are locally sourced by her, she grows them at her garden in Tel Aviv, and her grandmother’s backyard.

All her products are entirely natural, vegan, and palm oil free. She formulates recipes, picks and dries herbs, makes soaps, packs orders, takes pictures, designs labels and enjoys every second of it. We already mentioned one woman show right? 

Daniela’s goal is simple- to unite art with nature. She combines essential oils, butters, and medicinal herbs into one product. Her specialty is soap making.  She make her soaps in the traditional cold process method. Evidence indicates that this method was used for hundreds of years, including in Israel- there were a few centuries old workshops discovered in Jaffa, Jerusalem, and other cities.

The advantage of this method is that the oils are heated the least possible and so preserve many of their properties. Also, these soaps are completely biodegradable and don’t contaminate the water or soil. The texture, foam, and properties of each soap depend on the oils and added ingredients. Her soaps are made with a unique blend of vegetable oils and butters, which create a luxurious, lathery soap that doesn’t dry the skin.

Daniela dreams of a boutique line of soaps a natural products – she wishes to continue and stay local, natural and eco-friendly. We hope that her dream of a small Tel Avivian boutique shop for natural medicine and aromatherapy will become a reality very soon, as we will be first in line to get her amazing products.

IsraeliBox of fun Facts about – about Daniela Katsikas – Tree of Life Soaps

What is your favorite place in Israel? The Hermon Mountain – because of the snow but mostly the birds and the local flora.

What is most Israeli to you? The markets. The essence of Isrealiness: the culinary scene, the people, the noise…

What do you like best about Israeliness? The lack of barriers between people.  We created deep and immediate bonds with others.

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