De Karina Chocolate Factory

March 2020

Ein Zivan is one of the most northern and tranquil and idyllic places in Israel, in the Golan Heights. The open green landscapes, the mountains and the freedom in the air are the sources of inspiration for chocolatier Karina Chepelinski, the third generation to a family of chocolatiers from Argentina that immigrated to Israel with a vision of continuing her family’s 100 year old tradition of creating handmade premium chocolate.

A little over a century ago, after World War I, Karina’s grandfather fled Europe and arrived to Argentina. There he continued his profession and opened a small chocolate factory that grew over the years. Karina’s father continued to develop the family business and with time his small factory grew to be a plant that employed more than 100 workers. Despite this growth he did not abandon the manual production methods that he brought from Europe.

As a child, Karina spent many hours in the family factory and over time her father revealed to her all the hidden secrets of the chocolate world. Karina was constantly curious and always aspired to excellence and innovation, traits which led her to the study and completion of degrees in both chemistry and clinical nutrition.

In 2006, Karina and her husband opened a small chocolate boutique. Over the years, Karina’s dream became DE KARINA, an innovative and creative company that is considered one of Israel’s best boutique chocolate producers.

A combination of traditional work methods, modern knowledge and research makes De Karina’s premium products a unique chocolate experience, starting from its attractive packaging right to its sensational taste. A mix of flavors and textures, contrasts and combinations, come together to create an experience for all senses.