Enosh – The Israeli Mental Health Association - Cause of the Month

April 2019

When you walk into the Enosh Shop you immediately feel at home. The beauty of this place is that it is a real home for people who are struggling with mental illness. They are accepted here and are given a chance to lead a regular life.

Enosh is the largest organization in Israel that provides mental health rehabilitation services. We knew that our search for non-profit causes will eventually lead to their doorstep. A mental illness is not always visible and people who are struggling with mental illnesses not always seem in need.

Mental health is as important to human beings as physical health. Some even say that if your mental health is strong and vital it can assist in facing physical illnesses as well.

Enosh was established in 1978 to support people with psychiatric disabilities and their family members and enable them to lead meaningful lives.
Today Enosh runs more than 60 service centers all across the country for mental health consumers and family members. Over 700 mental health professionals and hundreds of volunteers provide support in the fields of housing and living skills, employment facilitation, social skill training, recreation and family counseling.

In the rehabilitation process, people with mental illnesses lead their own recovery plan.
A professional staff assists each individual in exploring meaningful opportunities for self-development and realization, and moving towards achieving goals. Emphasis is placed on facilitating their integration in the community where they live and work, while maintaining a broad and professional perspective not only of the person as an individual but also of his/her family and close surroundings. This builds the person’s self-esteem, self-reliance, sense of security and belonging

Enosh is committed to improving the rights of people with psychiatric disabilities and their family members by means of advocacy and lobbying for policy change and legislation.

It has been a true privilege to place an Enosh product inside our box this month to make up once more the beautiful gentle mosaic that is Israel for you.