Gluten free potato latkes

November 2020

Making levivot (latkes) is a Chanukah tradition in many homes. Every year I look for new recipes and ideas to create a spin on the traditional potato latke.

This year, I’m adding the amazing Venice spice from Ayelet’s Spices. It adds a unique twist and you won’t be able to put them down… I promise.

You’ll Need

2 grated potatoes

1 small grated onion

1 egg

Salt and pepper

1 tsp of Ayelet’s Spices Venice spice mix

Olive Oil/Butter

Here’s How:

  1. Squeeze water out of potatoes and onions
  2. Mix together with the egg and spices
  3. Heat oil in a pan (approx. ½ cm)
  4. Take a small amount, squeeze well (to remove liquid) and place carefully in the pan
  5. Fry on medium heat  until golden on one side, flip until golden and remove.


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