Hipstory by Amit Shimoni

April 2020

The Story of Hipstory started in 2014, when Amit Shimoni had the usual creative block in art school. He finally sat down and made some sketches to take his mind off his soon-epic-failure.

He took a well-known political figure and turned him into a hipster. “This is kinda cool…” He thought. “Maybe I do have a final project”. 

Fast forward to 2019 HIPSTORY has more than 50 characters, and counting! People from all over the world have his illustrations in their homes. Amit has illustrated international campaigns and world leaders, worked with the world’s leading magazines and the New York Times even asked him to ‘hipstorize’ Hillary Clinton! For Amit HIPSTORY is an ongoing project – where his creativity and passion are leading the way.

A special fact that makes Amit very proud is that history teachers from all over the world use his illustrations in the classroom to reach their students.

Whether it’s a postcard on a twenty-something’s fridge or displayed in the Danish Parliament – For Amit it is always amazing that people across ages, sexes, and backgrounds can interact with his art.

History is another Israeli success story, leading the world into new artistic heights.

A true Israeli Pride!