Homemade Labaneh Cheese with Zaatar

April 2020

Labaneh is a soft white cheese from the Mediterranean area, a little sour and with a tingling edge to it. If you had been to Israel you must have tried it…

In a time like this, when we are all home, why not try making it yourself at home? Homemade cheese with our special Israeli grown Zaatar mix – give it a go – we just know you’ll fall in love.

You’ll Need

 1 litter low fat milk

250ml natural yogurt

Zaatar spice mix

Olive oil

1 cheese cloth

Here’s How

  1. Boil milk in a small sauce pan, once boiled, take off heat and let cool down
  2. Add the yogurt and mix well until blended
  3. Line a deep bowl with the cheese cloth and pour mixture into it
  4. Squeeze edges of the cloth to squeeze the mixture, let it set for half a day, after 15 hours cheese is ready
  5. Once ready – fridge
  6. When you feel like eating – plate some cheese on a flat plate, drizzle with some olive oil and sprinkle with Zaatar
  7. You can eat the Labaneh with pitta bread, or any other bread. It actually is also yummy with mazza…..