Lavender Natural Cosmetics

February 2020

LAVENDER was created in 2007. Tali Mazliach & Ido Mashal a couple and parents of four personal experience and needs became the driving force behind the start of their company. The harm caused by many of the products that we all use in our daily life at home and on our body, made them aware of the bigger harm these products are causing to the health and our environment. They realized that they could make a difference for their own family and for others by creating a real natural cosmetic line with products that are people and earth friendly.

Tali & Ido strongly believe that each product that they use in our daily life must be as 100% natural, healthy and ecological as possible. Lavender creates awareness for what’s good for our body and our environment and their team is passionate about creating products gentle to both people and earth.

All Products created by Lavender are 100% natural cosmetics without using any preservatives, petroleum by-products, or any other chemicals. Part of their philosophy is to create products that are healthy and safe to be used by adults, kids and babies, pregnant women or people with skin sensitivities. All of the products are certified and registered in Israel and passed all the required testing.

Another very unique aspect of Lavender is that their laboratories waste water system is a paradise for fish and fauna to grow in a well-balanced way, and a beautiful water garden for them. All their soaps, for instance, are natural and easily biodegradable. At the same time they are a good fertilizer for the water garden. They also do not use palm oil to avoid the need to cut trees and forest around the world.

In Lavender they are living by their ideals and are making a true difference to the world!