Leg of Lamb in Wine and Spicy Silan

May 2020

Cooking a leg of lamb sounds serious business right? The kind of cooking only real chefs can pull off. Well we are sharing here with you a recipe by the spices queen herself, Ayelet Venezia, that with her delicious spice mixes everyone can become a master chef at home. it is really not that complicated… give it a go! 

You’ll Need:

Leg of Lamb with the bone – 1.5 Kg

3 tbsp Olive Oil

2 large Onions sliced thinly

2 Carrots peeled and cut to chunky rounds

1 Sweet Potato peeled and cut to medium sized cubes

1 leak cut into large slices (only the white part)

2 Jerusalem Artichokes peeled and cut into chunks

1 small basket of White Button Mushrooms

4 cloves of Black Garlic

1/2 a bottle of Dry Red Wine

1 tbsp Spicy Salt by Ayelet’s Spices (salt spiced with: Parsley, Basil, Oregano, Thyme, Coriander seeds, Ground Persian Lemon, Paprika, A few mustard seeds and some cumin)

2 tbsp Ayelet’s Spices Sweet Spice mix

1/4 cup Sugar Free Pomegranate Syrup

1/4 cup Sugar Free Silan



Here’s How:

  1. Pre-Heat the oven to 180°C
  2. Heat the olive oil in a large pot that fits in the oven as well. (Le-Creuset is excellent for it), and fry the leg of lamb for 5 minutes on each side. Until golden.
  3. Take out the meat, and add the vegetables. Fry while stirring until golden.
  4. In a small bowl mix together the Silan, the Pomegranate Syrup, the spices and 3 tbsp of water.
  5. Return Meat to the pot, pour the spice mixture over it, and add the wine and water to cover at least 3/4 of the leg of lamb.
  6. Bring it all to the boil, and allow gentle boiling for 15 minutes.
  7. Cover and put in the oven for at least 6 hours.

 Have patience, the taste is full worth the taste!

Be’Teavon! בתאבון

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