Creator of the month: Malka Brewery

October 2019

The story of Malka brewery from the Galilee begins at 2006 out of love for nature and a passion to push the Israeli beer culture forward. Assaf Lavi, who was the owner of two Tel-Avivian pubs, left the city for the ecological village of Klil, where he began brewing beer in small quantities in Ameka.

Following a series of tasting tests, Assaf took the first crates of beer to pubs in Tel Aviv, and the rest is history.

In 2008 the first brewery was founded in Kibbutz Yehiam in a magical piece of earth on a mountain side overlooking the Mediterranean Sea.

Malka Brewery specializes in making Ale in a traditional way, always keeping a high quality of raw materials, and a high quality of beer.

The brewery is a magical place to visit, it has a new location as well in Tefen.
Malka beer is a boutique Israeli beer brand that every Israeli who loves beer already heard of.
It is true pioneering and creativity all bottled up.

And we just love it!