Meydalle Soaps

January 2020

Meydalle soaps was born in Hila Doron’s home kitchen 9 years ago.

Meydalle is her husband’s Ran nickname for her and for her it symbolizes deep emotions, love, faith and self-fulfillment.

Like all beginnings, things were not easy at the early days. Hila began by creating soaps at home and selling them all over Israel in fairs and shopping malls. Rising up early and leaving the house at 06.30am and returning home at 11.00pm at night. She learned what people loved, what made them happy and which scents brings back beloved memories.


She also learned that a soap bar is much more than just a product you use to wash with, it triggers a much deeper sensory feeling and emotion that is sometimes surprising for such a small product.

The reaction around her was enthusiastic and she continued to grow her little business. The first factory was opened in a small space behind a small garage.

The factory grew and today after producing a winning formula the success arrived.
Today, the boutique factory creates soaps for many Israelis
who enjoy the scents and beauty. There are over 1000 kinds of soaps in various shapes, colors and scents. They also make bath bombs, textile fresheners, and other scenting products.

Hila’s greatest love is to watch the people as they buy the soap and listen to the story behind it. Because each one tells a unique tale.

IsraeliBox of fun Facts about Hila Doron – Meydalle Soaps

What is your favorite place in Israel? Love Israel very much, and love to travel all over, from north to south. My parents used to travel with us all the time. I wish I would have done as much traveling in Israel with my kids, but life today is much more stressful and busy and I don’t find the time.  

What is most Israeli to you? The whining. We live in paradise and still whighn all the time…

What do you like best about Israeliness? That Israel is a land of infinite possibilities and if you believe in your business, stay focused and persevere you will succeed!

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