Our Favorite Places to Visit in the Galilee – North of Israel

September  2020

The Galilee is one of our favorite places to travel in Israel. With so much to offer, every trip is full of different adventures, experiences, tastes and sites.

The journey to the Galilee starts with the drive up north. Israel is a small country (about the size of New Jersey!) but has so many different climates and landscapes. There’s this one spot while driving north when something magical happens: the entire view suddenly turns green. It’s a sign that we’ve arrived in the Galilee and are on our way to the ultimate relaxation and enjoyment.

We’ve put together our list of absolute favorite places in the Galilee that are not to be missed. Enjoy!

Rosh Hanikra

Rosh Hanikra, on the Lebanese border along the Mediterranean, is a breathtaking spot that you must visit on your trip up north.

Take the cable car down to the grottoes along the sea for an unreal experience for all ages. The grottoes (sea caves) are a natural phenomenon caused by underground shocks splitting open the rocks along the sea. It’s a unique site, with beautiful colors and formations. Parents, kids, everyone will love it.

While at Rosh Hanikra, take a trip through the history of the Middle East and the State of Israel. For thousands of years, armies of the ancient world passed through Rosh Hanikra. During the British Mandate, the Brits created a train from Haifa to Tripoli, Libya. The tracks were dug into the rock of Rosh Hanikra. You can still see some of them there today.


The ancient city of Acco, today a mixed Jewish-Arab city on the coast of the Mediterranean, provides some of the most authentic Middle Eastern experiences available throughout the country.

Did you know that Acco is one of the most continuously inhabited places on the planet? Acco has served as a crucial port and access point throughout the history of the Middle East. During the Crusade period, several important battles happened in the area. Leading up to the establishment of Israel, Acco’s fort was turned into a jail, holding some of the most important members of the Jewish underground including Ze’ev Jabotinsky and Dov Gruner.

Our favorite place in Akko is the Shuk- we even put a product from there in our box this month! Strolling the alleyways, seeing the vendors selling fish, nuts, spices and so much more, it doesn’t get any more real than this.

After wandering and getting lost in the winding ancient city streets, end your day at one of the fabulous restaurants on the water. A view of the Mediterranean and amazing food? There’s nothing better.

Northern Mediterranean Beaches

It’s no surprise that Israelis love spending the weekends, holidays and pretty much everyday on the beach. The entire coast is packed with beaches, each with their own personality and “keta” (new Hebrew word! Keta = style/thing).

But, if we had to choose where to go to the beach, it would be in the Western Galilee. The beaches of Achziv  and Shevei Tzion are just two examples. The atmosphere is always relaxed, people are chill and mostly, everyone is just looking for a quiet get away.

What would be a trip in our beautiful country without a bit of history? While visiting Achziv, check out the archeological restorations on site. Achziv hosts a Canaanite city dating to the second millennium BCE.

Don’t forget your umbrella, beach chairs, some good snacks and of course your sunscreen!


Traveling inland and up the winding hills, you’ll arrive in Tzfat, the highest city in the Galilee (and the whole country!)

Tzfat dates back to biblical times which you’ll feel as soon as you arrive in the city, known for its religious influence, Kabbalistic ties and artistic vibe. You’ll see blue all over the old city from doorways to synagogues and windows. It’s a mystical symbol meant to confuse the evil spirits.

Tzfat is deeply rooted in the history of the Jewish people. The Roman Jewish Historian Josephus mentioned “Sepph”, now associated with current day Tzfat in his writings. Tzfat is known as one of the 4 holy cities of Judaism alongside Jerusalem, Hebron and Tiberias. You’ll find ruins from the Crusader period in Tzfat as well as more “modern” buildings. After Jews were expelled from Spain in 1492, many rabbis and Kabbalists made their way to Tzfat. The rich Kabbalistic ties can still be felt today.

We love wandering the cobblestone streets of Tzfat and discovering its secrets. The art galleries, museums, synagogues and so much more, make Tzfat the perfect day trip while in the Galilee.

Rosh Pina

Rosh Pina is all about romance. The view, the atmosphere, the food and the accommodations are the perfect combination for a romantic getaway.

Located among the Tzfat hills, Rosh Pina provides an old and modern feel around every corner.

In the mood for some wine? The Galilee region is the home to many of Israel’s most famous wineries. Spend the day touring a few and come back in the evening to your bed and breakfast to enjoy your wine and the incredible view.


The Kinneret, or Sea of Gailee, is a freshwater lake and one of the main attractions of Israel’s north. With history and meaning for multiple religions, the Kinneret attracts visitors from all over the world.

What do we love about the Kinneret? Pretty much everything. Spend the day at one of the beaches or doing water sports, take a drive to one of the gorgeous viewpoints overlooking the massive lake, eat at one of the waterside restaurants in Tiberias and so much more. In the mood for camping? The Kinneret has tons of opportunities to camp on the sand.

“The Galilee Finger”

Have you ever noticed that the map of Israel has a finger on top? This section, bordering the Golan Heights and Lebanon is called the “Galilee Finger” in Hebrew.

Metula, the most northern town in Israel, is the place to go if you’re looking for an amazing view of the entire north. Close by you have some of the most beautiful nature reserves and hikes in the country.

If you’re looking for a dose of Israeli history, head to Tel Hai. The battle of Tel Hai on March 1, 1920 is a famous battle over the village of Tel Hai in the Galilee. Joseph Trumpeldor, a legendary Israeli hero and the commander of the Jewish defenders, died as a hero in the battle.

This area is filled with “tzimmerim” or bed and breakfasts. The Galilee Finger is the perfect area for a romantic get away or a family trip. This is a favorite area for many Israelis looking for a quiet, and beautiful weekend away.

The Galilee – A combination of history, fun, nature, great food and so much more

There’s so much to do in the Galilee. These are just some of our favorite areas and things to do in the North. The list goes on and on with unlimited restaurants, attractions for all ages, hikes and so much more. Enjoy!