Sabon Michal: Creator of the month

April 2019

When we think about cosmetics, we mostly see glamorous models, luxury brands with ultra-expensive advertising campaigns and products that we pay way too much money on.

So imagine how beautifully refreshing it was to find a small Israeli factory, located in the green upper galilee that manufactures great quality cosmetics, with seriously intoxicating scents, smooth textures and amazing packaging that does not believe in all the glamour culture. 

At Sabon Michal they create natural and healthy cosmetics of great quality and outstanding effectiveness.
The leading idea that cradles their business is that natural cosmetics, healthy and of good quality, should be available to all, in a fair and reasonable price.

In Sabon Michal they focus on high quality of the raw materials and a very highly meticulous hand-made manufacturing process.

Sabon Michal is a small and loving family business. The founders:
Michal & Noam Levy, husband & wife, started their business in their home kitchen at Kiryat Tivon back in 2007. They create cosmetics with love for people and products.

We find it to be incredulous how a modern business, that makes outstanding quality products chooses the path less travelled with such humbleness and honesty.

What we loved about their story is that they see their role as spreading kindness and joy with their products to family, customers, employees, the environment and society in general.

All products are hand made in the small family factory. Everything is meticulously prepared by hand, in small batches and with maximum care and love. All recipes were originally developed by Sabon Michal over the years.

Sabon Michal represents to us the true Israeli spirit of entrepreneurship and social responsibility, combining the love for people and society with great quality products. And all this with the most rare and beautiful humbleness and honesty.