Sagi's Top Secret Tahini

February 2019

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It was like asking him for the most confidential high security codes for the government’s top secret vaults.

Getting him to give away his Tahini Secret recipe was an extremely difficult task… but we have prevailed!

The things we are willing to do for you! It is B-cause we love you so. 🙂

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What will you need?

200 gr. raw tahini

125ml. freshly squeezed lemon juice

100 ml. iced water (the low temperature is the secret to creating the perfect airy texture)


How to make it?

  1. Mix tahini with the lemon juice
  2. Add iced water
  3. Add salt according to your taste
  4. If you want to make extra fluffy tahini – use cold soda water instead of iced water
  5. ENJOY!!!!! With a freshly cut Israeli salad, with falafel, with meat patties, or of course with Hummus!

You may call it your own secret Tahini recipe from now on. You are welcome. (we won’t tell)

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