Sfinz (Maroccan Sufganiyot)

November 2020

“After I made Aliyah, I loved learning about how Israelis celebrated each holiday and the different traditions in each family. For Moroccan, Libyan and other Northern Africa backgrounds, there is a tradition to make ”Sfing” or ”Sfinz” during Chanukah. It’s a spin on the traditional donut and unbelievably delicious. My husband (whose family is from Libya originally) makes a huge batch each Chanukah which we devour in minutes. You must try it. It will become a tradition in your home too, I promise.” –Allie, Israelibox team

You’ll Need

Recommended to make by hand and not by mixer

1 kg white flour

50 gr fresh yeast

½ cup white sugar

½ tsp salt

800 ml. room temperature water

Here’s How:

  1. Create the dough by combining the flour and yeast in the biggest bowl you have. Add the sugar and salt and combine. Add half of the water and start kneading the dough for a minute with open fingers and by moving the dough from the bottom of the bowl to the top. Slowly add the rest of the water, knead the dough for one more minute and that’s it. Make sure not to knead too much, don’t worry that the dough is runny.
  2. Cover the bowl and let rise until the dough has doubled.
  3. Mix the dough again to let the air out, cover and let rise again.
  4. Now it’s time to fry. Warm up oil and dip your hands in a bowl of water or oil, grab a piece of dough approximately the size of a clementine. Pull the dough upwards (the ball will pull the dough with it) and rip with your other hand (also oiled) in order to remove the ball from the dough.
  5. Make a hole in the middle of the ball and stretch to the sides to form a bagel shape. Place the Sfinz in the oil immediately.
  6. Add more Sfinz to the pot (don’t forget to dip your hands in oil first!). Fry on each side for approximately two minutes until gold.
  7. Remove the Sfinz from the oil and place on paper towel.
  8. Serve immediately!

Dip your Sfinz in sugar, powdered sugar or even salt! Enjoy 🙂