Stuffed Dates – A healthy and yummy treat!

February 2020

You might know them from the Mimouna festival, but stuffed dates are a great and healthy sweet snack that can satisfy a sweet tooth all year round!

Hers is our take on it.

Makes 40

You’ll Need

For the Stuffing:
2 tsp condensed milk
2-3 drops of almond extract
A few grains of salt
100-150 grams powder sugar

About 40 soft and moist dried dates
20 halves of pecan nuts
Crushed pistachios

Here’s How

  1. Prepare the stuffing: in a bowl add to the condensed milk the almond extract and the salt. Mix well. Then add 100 grams of powder sugar. Mix well. The mixture should be solid and easy to shape and mold. Add the remaining 50 grams of powdered sugar if needed.
  2. Pit the dates, create small balls of the stuffing and shape them into small stripes in the length of the date, it should be a little bigger than the date itself
  3. Half each date – place the stripe inside and sprinkle some pistachios or half a pecan on top.

 Easy to make, sweet and delicious, and also healthy!

What can be better?