Sunny Versano: Sunnykah

May 2020

Sunny is a painter and a product designer. She has been painting and drawing since she can remember. Once her kindergarten teacher called her mom to come to see how she drew on all the walls. Sunny studied art in high school and visual merchandiser after the army. She developed a successful career as a product designer and display window design.  But drawing was always her passion

When her first son was born, she took the opportunity to go for it, and open her own business. And combine her love of product with her passion for drawing. (picture credit is for Sivan Moayl)

Her art is original sketches drawn with pencil and reflects her authentic inner world. Sunny’s art is classic sketching style. It reflects her childhood in the dessert, being a daughter of an army man the family moved around a lot, in between army bases in the south. Near Eilat. In the Negev Desert. So her favorite color scheme is all brown, and beige and earth tones, her sketches are drawn in very delicate pencil sketches of her inner child, childhood scenery and memories. It is inspiring and remind us all of our own childhood. Emotional, beautiful and touching.

Sunny’s  art is filled with innocence and beauty, it is pure and clean and very very emotional.

She creates in various materials and experiments in different products: textile, paper, wood and more.

The Sunnykah studio is located in Kibbutz Kefar Menachem in the south, on the artists’ boulevard in the kibbutz. Surrounded with nature and inspired by it, and her artistic neighbors, sunny creates beautiful and inspirational art.

Sunny’s dream is to get as many people inspired by her art. Inspired to create art on their own. She teaches art classes as well and dreams to get people to start creating through her art and finding their voice. She connects to the people and the nature around her.