Creator of the month: Tali Gilad Design and Branding Studio

July 2019

This month we have a very special creator of the month, whom we have been longing to tell you all about. Everyone, Meet Tali Gilad. The talent behind the beautiful iconography and design of IsraeliBox.

Tali was born Jerusalem, and from a very young age she has been creating, painting and making beautiful things. Even at the young age of 4 she has been focusing on colors and shapes and symmetry of things. She was a child protégé in art and was expected to continue on this course. But growing up she found her other love in life: people and cultures. She also learned she was gifted with them. So she went on to study social work and worked with people for 7 years.

Finally, Tali combined her two greatest passions in life and opened her own design studio, just above the Machane Yehuda market. What she enjoys the most is the collision between these two worlds: the relationship she develops with people and the responsibility for the visual aspect of things: branding, product, styling and digital. She believes in forming deep connections with her clients by sharing their path and especially enjoys designing for kids, where one can naturally play and stay open minded.

For Tali the impact on how things look and people’s reaction to it is what it’s all about. Her dream is to create a partner’s studio where she could continue to enjoy the creative process, the joy of design and creative thought, bouncing off ideas and rejoicing in togetherness of thought and creation.

Tali believes that the eco-system and Israeli culture allows for much artistic freedom and creativity. There is less conservatism and thought patterns are more open, people are willing to experiment and play with colors, shapes and compositions.

IsraeliBox of fun Facts about – Tali Gilad

What is your favorite place in Israel?  Zichron Yaakov. Represents vacation, good food, closeness to the sea and the mix of old and new.

What is most Israeli to you? The open communication with everyone, and of course… FOOD!

What do you like best about Israeliness?  the homey feeling, the sense of belonging and open communication with all.

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