Tzohar Halev & 424 Salt

March 2020

In our monthly quest to find the light and the kindness within Israeli society, to shine the light on all the amazing Hessed that is being done here, we find the most amazing people and causes.

We sometimes believe they are angels. That is how we felt when we heard the story of Tzohar Halev and the beautiful work that they do. In Tzohar Halev they take the bitter, the salty, and the tough, and turn it into something sweeter, more accessible and more suitable to each and every one.

One of the most wonderful frameworks functioning at Tzohar Halev is the RWC rehabilitative industry. Here, every day, dozens of young men and women with special needs and with golden hearts and souls, work, create, contribute to society, and become suffused with a sense of fulfillment and the joy of being productive.

As a collaborative effort woven between Tzohar Halev and the Salt 424 Company, the RWC has begun churning out the new trend: Dead Sea salt in a variety of flavors. Salt in different flavors, in the 424 model, has been conquering the culinary world in recent years.       
 World-class chefs and gourmet meal designers are already using this unique salt, with its different look and the range of innovative flavors it offers the exclusive kitchen.

The salt offers an exceptional gourmet experience and turns every meal into a new adventure. Add to this a number of generous helpings from the warm, dedicated heart of RWC’s special-needs workers, and you have a unique meal – just the right blend of a perfect, top-quality product, together with social involvement and partnership of the highest caliber.

Working at the RWC are employees with various mental and behavioral disabilities, who are unable to work independently in the community and need the support of professional staff. At the same time, these young people work at a regular industrial job, by every definition.

Whole platforms of salt come to the RWC building directly from the Dead Sea, some of them – fine salt, and some of them – even low-sodium salt!

The Gourmet Salt 424 Company is responsible for preparing this salt in different flavors. They mix the salt with various spices and other added ingredients. The salt undergoes a light processing procedure, together with the other ingredients, resulting in salt of various flavors: Black pepper, red hot chili, Merlot wine, and more.

The RWC workers receive the raw materials, such as the salt in a large vat, but only after they open their hygienic kit and don work smocks, face masks, head coverings, and gloves. Then they sit down at the tables and each one does his task on the production assembly line.

This is where the true strength of our society comes from.
We are all Arevim Ze Laze, and we know how to be there in times of need for those who need us!