Creator of the month: Yair Emanuel – Judaica Artist

November 2019

Emanuel Judaica art is bringing happiness and joy into Judaica for almost 3 decades.
The colorful pieces, decorated with flowers, birds, and filled with light have brought a unique and new style into the classic world of “Judaica artifacts.         

Yair Emanuel has been creating Judaica art for 30 years. Graduating from Bezalel Art Academy Yair has a passion for colors and designs and each piece he creates is a work of art beautiful as is without even being looked at as Judaica artifacts.

Yair grew up in a religious family but has chosen not to lead a religious lifestyle himself. But his art stayed close to home. Where his roots are.

Yair loves colors, especially blue, and drives his inspiration many a times from nature and creation. The Judaica art he creates is beautiful, designed and inspiring artifacts as objects themselves. When he creates he usually imagines the whole design in his mind and then transfer it into a sketch, or the computer or a prototype.

It all began in Jerusalem in the 90’s with the big wave of Aliyah from the USSR, Yair collected around him people who were gifted craftsmen in drawing on silk, and that was where he started. Today the studio in Jerusalem has 15 people working with Yair. His eldest seamstress is 78 years of age! They still work with silk and wild silk, and also work in wood, ceramic, glass, metal and more.

When asked, Yair answered that his favorite piece is always the last one he created. He dreams of continuing creating Judaica art and also start designing popular art in other departments. 

IsraeliBox of fun Facts about Yair Emanuel – Studio Emanuel

What is your favorite place in Israel? ?  Eitan Mountain – walk three every week

What is most Israeli to you? The Israeli Hutzpah

What do you like best about Israeliness? ? The Israeli Hutzpah. The directness

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Store them in an airtight container and enjoy them with a good hot cup of black coffee, tastes best with good company around