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What Do People Say

Bronwyn Sher-SpencerBronwyn Sher-Spencer
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Thank you sooooo much ladies, Israel in a Box #2!!!! Just love everything. Such a brilliant, unique idea 🇮🇱🇮🇱🇮🇱🇮🇱
Amanda HerringAmanda Herring
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The IsraeliBox was so well presented and made me feel like I had just been to the shuk, especially right now when being able to go to Israel feels very distant, the box made me feel closer to my homeland
Naomi Elberg@naomi_tgis
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"Love the whole concept and idea. I love how perfectly it arrived at my door. There is so much thought they put into the box"
Stella Wassermann@learning_hebrew
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"I am going to study the declination of the verbs “to love”, “to adore” and “to like” in Hebrew tonight. Best box ever. Best customer service ever."
Betty Gulko@such.a.betty
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"Great way to know the country that you love"
Melinda Strauss@kitchentested
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"This is so fun and I love this opprtunity to support products made in Israel"
Sabrina Ovadia@thebees_kitchen
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"Amazing Israeli products I can't wait to start using them. IsraeliBox is amazing!"
Tal Gerber@tal_gerber_style
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"Such an amazing gift for Israel lovers"
Mandy Silverman@mandyliciouschallah
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"It's just like Israel came in to my house. What a great idea"
Marion Haberman@myjewishmommylife
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"The box is gorgeous, it's really very nice stuff"

Israeli Ahava Box

The 15 of the month of Av marks the Jewish festival of LOVE, Tu Be’Av. Celebrating Israeli Love = אהבה together with you all month long. Israeli romance and famous Israeli love stories are fascinating and filled with the exact amount of drama, emotions, human sensitivity and passion. We fall in love in the army, as the majority of us spent 18 – 21 as soldiers, after that in University and later on in life. Young love, family life, mature love, proud love, unique love stories and ordinary ones. Love is the single most important thing for all humans, and this month we celebrate this incredible, crazy, beautiful thing called Ahava.

What’s inside your Israeli Ahava IsraeliBox? 

Replenishing Facial Serum by Lavido
Revive, Nourish and Protect. Fits skin types: normal to dry, mature skin. Made by Lavido with key ingredients: Pomegranate, Lemon Myrtle and Mandarin. Visibly plumps skin. Improves and restores moisture retention. Stimulates collagen production.

Fenster’s Toffee by Oded Fenster
Milk toffee – a combination of fresh toffee, Atlantic sea salt, chocolate and cream. All hand made in Israel. Sweets for your sweet… Sugar for your honey…

Salt & Pepper Shakers by 1/2 cup of Sugar
A beautiful pair of salt and pepper shakers covered in Hebrew words for food, kitchen and cooking extra fun! Salt and pepper complete each other, the yin and yang of food. What a pair they make!

Ahava Coasters by Ofek Wertman
A set of 2 Ahava coasters – the iconic Israeli symbol of love now on your table with each cup of coffee or tea.

Fabric Heart Key Chain by Shikum Acher
A sweet heart shaped key chain. Soft and happy. Made by hand by people coping with mental disabilities in Israel.


Tel Aviv Box

Tel Aviv is one of the most vibrant cities in the world.

The ambience, the vibe, the force of life is extraordinary.

Tel Aviv is a city that doesn’t stop and it pulses 24 hrs a day – It has beautiful Mediterranean beaches filled with fun, world class nightlife and the best culinary scene in Israel, buzzing cultural life with performing arts, music and renowned museums, UNESCO recognized Bauhaus architecture and it is a true cosmopolitan city with people from all over the world visiting, working and studying.

Tel Aviv is one of our most favorite places in the world!
Enjoy the beat and the epic items we have curated for you!

What’s inside your Tel Aviv IsraeliBox? 

Fresh Israeli Limonana Handmade Soap, by Daniela Katsikas – Tree of Life Israel
There isn’t a cold drink more famous in Israel than Limonana – fresh lemon juice and na’ana herb, it’s the best drink for the Israeli summer. This soap is made with lemon and spearmint essential oils the same combination as the drink, all handmade in TLV.

The Original Blend – Black Coffee by Landwer Coffee
The Original Black Coffee blend by Landwer created in Tel Aviv since 1919. A mixture of various coffee beans in medium roast, for the traditional aroma and nostalgic flavors of Tel Avivian Coffee.

Magnetic Shesh-Besh Game by The Purple Cow
Compact and chique, backgammon board game to go. Designed in a slim tin case, printed both sides with magnetic pawns and pieces. Fun and affordable travel games, for all ages 

Chukulumumu – Fun Salad Mix by Refael’s
An original mix of roasted nuts and seeds for your salad. All ingredients are natural, no preservatives. Vegan friendly. Everything inside this bag can be drawn, check the back of the bag.

Kokob-one – hand weaved basket by Kuchinate Cooperative
A beautiful basket handmade by African asylum-seeking women living in Tel Aviv from a soft, stretchy cloth (symphony- polyester), Machine wash or by hand in cool water, please don’t machine dry, air dry only. Read all about Kuchinate on the other side.


Ima Box

IMA! We dedicated this month’s to all mothers!

We celebrated mother’s day amidst COVID 19 … and we missed our mothers So Much!

This difficult corona – Covid 19 virus world pandemic has made our mothers, as probably many of all your mothers too, the most at risk population in the world. We can’t visit them, we keep them safe. But the longing is very difficult!!!!

This month sent you the best gifts any mother/woman would love to get!

We are oh so proud to present to you our very special: IMA BOX!

 Hand painted & Designed notebook by Sunny Varassano – Sunnykah
A beautiful delicate and classical hand painted notebook by Sunny Varassano. An original Israeli art. 

Scented Candle in a Jar by Kassel Candles
An aromatic candle in a classic brown jar. A real classic. Don’t leave the candle burning for longer than 4 hours in a row.   

Coffee Cup – A moment for Coffee by Gropy Gifts
Take a moment for yourself. A moment for Coffee. רגע של קפה – Rega Shel Kaffe.

Enjoy your coffee in Hebrew from time to time K

Metuka (sweet) Spice mix by Ayelet Spices
A sweet and special spice mix that is sweet with a little sharp twist to it. Contains a fascinating combination of: cinnamon, clove, cardamom, nutmeg, ginger and English pepper. It is great for cakes, pumpkin and yams or pot roasts. You can find a recipe idea on our blog.
Pure Honey by Sindyanna of Galilee
Pure unheated and unfiltered honey produced from wildflowers in the Galilee and the Jezreel Valley. The honey is produced in the ancient tradition of Galilean villages, supplemented by modern know how. You can read all about the activities of this cause on the other side.


North 2 South Box

To celebrate Israel’s 72nd Birthday together with you we are taking you on a virtual tour from North 2 South, traveling through our land and collecting the most beautiful and authentic Israeli gifts we could find for you – to bring you the taste of Israel to your home.

From the mountains of the Galilee in the north, down to Jerusalem’s artistic and picturesque alleys, moving along to Tel Aviv with its hip and chic lifestyle, down south to the Lachish area and the open farms and hillsides of the Israeli agro-regions and all the way south to the Dead Sea with its natural wonders of salt and mud.

Enjoy your tour and experience Israel from North 2 South!

 A set of 3 Israeli Leaders Artistic Postcards by Hipstory by Amit Shimoni
A set of 3 Polaroid style Artistic postcards of famous Israeli leaders. Reimagined by Amit Shimoni and painted in a beautiful, artistic and humorous way. An original Israeli art. 

Green Olives Tapenade by Ptora
A delicious green olives tapenade based on the Ptora grown olives and olive oil from the Lachish area. No added preservatives, great for upgrading any sandwich, or salad dressing.    

Hand painted Wooden Mezuzah case by Designer Yair Emanuel

This colorful hand painted Mezuzah with the views of Jerusalem on will brighten up any door and remind you of the eternal beauty of our capital. .

Dead Sea Mineral Salt by Shemen Amour
Special mineral salt from the Dead Sea, known for its wonderful ability to treat, nourish and restore the skin. Contains 27 various minerals and leaves your skin feeling smooth and silky.

Za’atar Spice Mix by Sindyanna of Galilee
Za’atar spice blend of dried Za’atar leaves together with a combination of sesame seeds, sumac, olive oil, and sea salt. Sindyanna of Galilee’s mix is produced in a traditional way from shade dried za’atar leaves that are grown in the Galilee by Arab farmers. Za’atar is a very popular spice in the local kitchen. It is used as a seasoning for meats and vegetables, and can also be sprinkled on humus or labaneh. You can find a great za’atar recipe in our blog.

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Pesach Box

Pesach is a family time, a time for homecoming, an opportunity for family and friends to gather together to share in the rituals that commemorate the flight of our forefathers to freedom 3000 years ago. Pesach nowadays represents not only the deliverance from Pharaoh but reinforces our unique culture, courage and endurance and our everlasting faith in freedom. Pesach is yet another opportunity to teach our children about our beautiful heritage and for us to bask in the warming notion of belonging and togetherness.

Chag Sameach Everyone!

 Cabernet Sauvignon – Vision 2017 by Teperberg Wines
A bottle of red dry wine from the Vision Series. The wine combines a wealth of fruit with vibrant acidity and a hint vanilla. The texture is soft and enjoyable. The Teperberg wines grow in the Yehuda Plains and has been manufactured for 5 generations.

Fragrant Hanging Air Freshener – by Laline

A wonderful fragrance that fills the car and makes every drive especially enjoyable, or an amazing fragrance for the home or closet. It is at its best hanging up like a pendant. 

 Milk Chocolate Squares with Salted Almonds by De Karina
Milk chocolate from the with Love series of De Karina chocolate factory in Israel. The story of De Karina spans three generations on three different continents that together created one world of unique, quality chocolate. Gluten Free, All Natural Ingredients.

 Afikoman Cover by Art Judaica
A beautiful Afikoman cover to hide your Afikoman on Seder night. It has a special zipper to stop all those naughty crumbs from leaving a trail in all the special hiding places you’ll put it in…

Dead Sea Gourmet Salt – The Chef series by 424 Dead Sea Salt
A special edition four salts pack from the color series containing four 30gr mini-jars: Diamond Salt, Orange & Chili Salt, Garlic & Ginger Salt, Sun-dried Tomatoes & Mint Salt. Amazing flavors that will make everything you cook feel like a chef prepared meal. This is a special social product, read all about it on the other side.  


The Israeli Desert Box

The Desert. Endless space of sand and rock. Mountains and cliffs that always seem a little sad. An amplitude of brown, orange, and yellow with crevices and crannies that seem to keep ancient secrets. Rocky paths that are winding like snakes in the sand and you can always seem to hear the silence of creation.

The desert has a different time. The rhythm and pace here are its own. The Israeli deserts from the Judean hills and cliffs to the Southern Negev desert and all the way south through the Arava desert valley that leads you to the blue shores of the red sea and Eilat, are majestic.

The Desert is a place of refuge. A place of solace.
A beautiful getaway to clear the mind and free your spirit.

This month we are taking you to visit the Israeli desert.
In a Box.

Even we were amazed that we succeeded in curating this ethereal space and this spiritual feeling into our beautiful IsraeliBox. 

Welcome to the desert. Take a deep breath, and enjoy the ride!

NatureLips Lemon Grass Lip Balm – by Lavender Natural Cosmetics
All natural lip balm scented with lemon grass. No parabens, No artificial ingredients. Perfect for dry weather conditions.

Organic Mejhool Dates – By Neot Semadar
Organic mejhool dates that are grown in the groves of Neot Semadar at the southern part of the Negev Mountains. The climate and desert soil gives it its reach flavours.

Dead Sea Mineral Mud Mask – by More Beauty
Anti-Aging – active black mud mask with Aloe Vera – enriched with Dead Sea minerals and tea tree oil suitable for all skin types. The mask helps skin regeneration and gives it a velvety soft touch.

Yellow Desert Scarf – by Momma
Feel the sun and the warmth of our desert without traveling. All you need to do is wear this beautiful desert yellow scarf designed by Moma fashion that embodies the desert for you.

Bedouin Tea Blend – by Izrael Tea
The real essence of the desert. The earthy flavours of the space and wind as created by the nomadic Bedouin inhabitants of our deserts. Packed with love by people with disabilities from the Arab population.

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The Lucky Charms Box

It doesn’t matter where from our grandmother/savta/nanna/bubby came from, they all passed on to us the ancient world of superstitions and lucky charms beliefs – Against the Ain Hara! that has been accompanying human kind and our nation for many millennia.

The Israeli melting pot of all the different Edot/origins created a very reach plethora of beliefs and charms that we are all familiar with.
We are bringing you in our new and beautifully branded box a collection of Lucky charms and fun ideas to enjoy and behold! Hamsa Hamsa Hamsa…. Tfu tfu tfu…. 

Hamsa Shaped Soap Bar – by Meydale Soaps
Wash your hands with a Hamsa shaped blue soap bar and all the bad luck and evil eye is certain to wash away….

Glass Blue Eye against the Evil Eye – From the Old City Souk in Jerusalem
A Glass Blue eye wall ornament to hang in your home or in a loved one’s room to bring good luck or just hang there and be beautiful…

Silver Plated Hamsa Wall Decor – by The Silver Pearl
A beautiful Hamsa wall ornament with a Magen David. Created in Jaffa by Meir Itzhaki. The small factory was founded 20 years ago by Meir and his father – new olim from the Soviet Union.

Sardin Shaped Paper Clips – by Ototo
Keep your ocean of pages neat & organized with sardines paper clips. These fish shaped paper clips will surly keep the evil eye away from your important stuff and bring you good fortune. Packed in a cool, reusable “sardine tin”.

Garlic Aioli Dip – by Nany
Garlic keeps away the demons and bad spirits… that’s what our nannies used to say… so dip your vegetables in Nany’s vegan garlic aioli dip or spread it in your sandwich that’ll keep your Savta happy.

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Hanukkah Box

Hanukkah, Hanukkah Chag Yafe Kol Kach! The Jewish yearly festival of light! Such a beautiful holiday, with the Chanukkiah all lit up and glowing! Reminding us of miracles of antiquity.
Delicious Sufganiot and Levivot (latkes) eaten together with family around a table filled with songs and joy. Children playing and receiving super fun gifts and you feel the most surrounded with family and love.

Here’s our collection of Israeli collected and curated Hanukkah specials to make your holiday this year even more memorable.

Hanukkah Candles – by Safed Candles
A box of deluxe, dripless Hanukkah candles handmade in Safed. The box has 45 candles – enough to light your Hanukkia for 8 nights! Their special multi-color design makes any Hanukkia perfect!
Dreidels – Sevivonim – by art Judaica

happy, colorful, original design wooden dreidels. Such joy and fun to play with.
Oiladdin – by Peleg Design
Pourer & Stopper: This legendary oil lamp can grant you three wishes: easily poured olive oil, a clever seal to keep it fresh, and a magical look that adds charm to your bottle!
Design by PELEG DESIGN studio. Lead designer: Ben Broyde
Strawberry Confiture – by Beit El
The sweet and strong aroma and the brilliant red color, makes this strawberry confiture extra delicious and special. This is the perfect companion for any Sufgania in the world!
For a delicious recipe for Sufganiot visit our blog.
Olive Oil Soap Bar – by Sindyanna of Galilee

This soap is made with 20% goat milk. Milk contains lactic acid, known for its moisturizing quality. It also removes dead skin cells. Suitable for all skin types. Manufactured by Sindyanna of Galilee


Shabbat Box

Shabbat is so special. The beauty of it is unique and different for everyone. Whether you go to synagogue or go to the beach, if you spend it around the Shabbat table at home with your family or have your friends over for dinner, if you are more religious or less, it does not matter – Shabbat to us here in Israel is a special day of rest and down time we all need every week.

A time for ourselves, a time with our loved ones, a time to go out and have fun, and a time to remember we belong. Belong to this great place and this amazing people and we are all one.

Our Shabbat box brings you the magic of the Israeli Shabbat into your home. Enjoy it!

Special Armenian Designed Handmade Shabbat Candle Holders from The Old City Souk in Jerusalem
A pair of hand crafted ceramic Shabbat candlesticks painted in the ancient traditional Armenian design. The Armenian quarter of Jerusalem today, is the only remaining place in the whole world where you can still find this unique, almost extinct craftsmanship and art.

Challah Cover – by Art Judaica
A classic white challah cover embroidered with silver for your Shabbat or Yom Tov table.
Designed by Art Judaica in Yavneh.

Kiddush Cup – by Art Judaica
A Kiddush cup with a round plate decorated with a floral décor.
בורא פרי הגפן fill it up with wine and bless your Shabbat with grace.

Shabbat Candles – by Kassel candles
A pair of pure white Shabbat candles made by Kassel candles in Kibbutz Gezer.
An all Israeli proud manufacturer sends you the light for your Shabbat.

Za’atar Spice Mix by Sindyanna of Galilee
Za’atar spice blend of dried Za’atar leaves together with a combination of sesame seeds, sumac, olive oil, and sea salt. Sindyanna of Galilee’s mix is produced in a traditional way from shade dried za’atar leaves that are grown in the Galilee by Arab farmers. Za’atar is a very popular spice in the local kitchen. It is used as a seasoning for meats and vegetables, and can also be sprinkled on humus or labaneh. You can find a great za’atar recipe in our blog.


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