Dead Sea Box


Dead Sea Box

Welcome to the lowest spot on Earth… the Dead Sea! The Dead Sea (or the Salt Sea like we call it in Hebrew) is one of the most famous spots in Israel, with its overwhelming beauty and magical powers of healing. While the Dead Sea is one of the biggest tourist sites in Israel (and for good reason), us Israelis love to visit to get away for a weekend, enjoy the spas and great hotels in the area, the beautiful hikes, and of course, the one of a kind products that are available in the area only. This box features everything that is amazing in the Dead Sea area. I love these products and I’m sure you will too!

You’ll want to know that:

  • Everything inside the box is kosher
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  • Each box is beautifully wrapped and carefully packed
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  • All made, designed, or manufactured in Israel

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What’s inside your Dead Sea Box?

Dead Sea Mud Soap by Adva– This Dead Sea salt features Israeli olive oil, coconut oil, almond oil, shea butter, salt, mud from the Dead Sea and more. Perfect for all skin types for your body and your face, you’ll feel like you just got a great treatment at the Dead Sea after using it!

Organic Garlic Salt by 424 below sea level – It wouldn’t be a Dead Sea box without some salt! 424 Salt creates Dead Sea products that are collected by hand, dried with natural evaporation, and certified as 100% natural. This organic garlic salt brings the Dead Sea straight to your table while adding a touch of garlic for great flavor for any meal.

Medjool dates by Naot Semadar  – On any drive to the Dead Sea, you can’t miss the gorgeous palm trees along the way. Naot Semadar creates natural and organic products, featuring some of the best dates available in the country. This month’s box contains a box of Medjool dates, the super juicy and amazing dates that all Israelis love to eat. Want some inspiration for how to use them in your kitchen? Check out our blog this month!

Dead Sea Mud Cleansing Face Mask by Sabon Michal – Michal Levi, founder of Sabon Michal, creates amazing, natural cosmetics products that will keep you (and your skin) feeling connected to the essence of Israeli products. Dating back to 2007, Sabon Michal is a small family business that has developed a name for exceptional quality here in Israel. This face mask features mud straight from the Dead Sea. Just close your eyes, lie back, and pretend you’re floating in the sea…

Ein Gedi Nourishing Fennel Seed- Carob Herbal Tea by Shalva Tea- David Ross, founder of ShalvaTea, fell in love with Israel when doing his Masters in Forestry at Yale, and eventually made Aliyah after studying the Carmel Forest fires of 2010. He collected herbs to connect to the land of Israel which eventually led to the birth of Shalva, meaning peace, calm and tranquility. That’s what Shalva is all about. Made from pure Israeli herbs, each sip is filled with the feeling “shalva”. This mix features cactus flower, sage, and dandelion green together with fennel (straight from Ein Gedi near the Dead Sea) giving you a unique and delicious blend.