Shalom Box


Shalom from Israel!
The most Israeli gift you could find. Experience Israeli culture and atmosphere all curated in one box.
We send you “shalom” from our beautiful Israel and have packed you a box filled with Israeli goodies to bring back the memories for those who miss it and to give a taste of its wonders for those who haven’t visited yet.
The Shalom box is filled with Israeli creations and authenticity and promises to be a fun-filled surprise.
Have a beautiful Israeli experience and
Shalom from Israel!

You’ll want to know that:

  • Everything inside the box is kosher
  • Free shipping worldwide
  • Standard shipping time is up to 14 business days
  • For express shipping please contact our customer service at
  • Each box is beautifully wrapped and carefully packed
  • You can add your own personal greeting words
  • All made, designed, or manufactured in Israel


What’s inside your Shalom IsraeliBox?

Extra Virgin Olive Oil by Ptora
This black label extra virgin olive oil holds the Israeli quality seal. A balanced, fruity, and pleasantly aromatic olive oil made from olives grown in Ptora, without the use of fertilizers and pesticides.

Shakshuka Spice Mix– by Ayelet Spices
Inspired by her personal no-gluten, no-sugar diet, Ayelet invites her (online) shop visitors to “do the Shuk” right from their own homes.
What is more Israeli than Shakshuka?
This special spice mix features paprika, salt, chili, garlic, cumin, thyme, oregano, basil & parsley.
This mix is full of color and flavor, and is especially delicious with Shakshuka. Check out our special recipe on our blog.

Special Armenian Designed Handmade Shabbat Candlesticks from The Old City SHUK in Jerusalem
A pair of handcrafted ceramic Shabbat candlesticks painted in the ancient traditional Armenian design.
The Armenian quarter of Jerusalem today, is the only remaining place in the world where you can still find this unique, almost extinct craftsmanship and art.

Dead Sea Mineral Salt by Shemen Amour
Who doesn’t love products straight from the Dead Sea, known for its wonderful ability to treat, nourish, and restore the skin?
This Dead Sea mineral salt contains 27 minerals and leaves your skin feeling smooth and silky, just like after a visit to the lowest place in the Earth.

70 names of Jerusalem on a square plate by Susan’s House (Social Product)
Jerusalem has 70 names, printed here on this special glass dish made by at-risk youth.
Susan’s house is a unique workshop that empowers teens at risk to find their place within society through artistic expression, personal investment and creative initiatives.
All income generated by the sale of the handcrafted items is used for funding the continuation of the project and the ongoing development of the participating youth.

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