Social Box


Part of the magic of Israel is our diversity, our vibrant colors and the sense of community, social responsibility and togetherness we all share.
“Kol Israel arevim ze laza” means we are all responsible for one another, a fundamental truth we rely on.
In each IsraeliBox, we choose an item that is made by a non-profit organization. By placing these items inside our boxes, we support them with dignity and pride.
In this magical box, we’ve curated items made by non-profits only, making this gift box extra special for us.

You’ll want to know that:

  • Everything inside the box is kosher
  • Free shipping worldwide
  • Standard shipping time is up to 14 business days
  • For express shipping please contact our customer service at
  • Each box is beautifully wrapped and carefully packed
  • You can add your own personal greeting words
  • All made, designed, or manufactured in Israel


What’s inside your Social Box?

Chocolate Bar by G’vanim Shel Matok (Shades of Sweet) (Social Product)
G’vanim Shel Matok, located in Hadera, offers high-risk teenagers an educational and treatment program through creating chocolate.
The teenagers of G’vanim Shel Matok make a wide range of chocolates in both classic and exclusive flavors.
Workshops and classes are also available to those who are interested in learning how to make chocolate themselves (who isn’t?).

Ceramic Bird by Maarag (Social Product)
Ma’arag is an innovative model designed to improve the lives of people with disabilities.
Located in the heart of Kfar Vradim, in the Galilee, Ma’arag caters to people with a wide range of disabilities.
The center offers a variety of art workshops and boasts an art gallery- gift shop, a café-restaurant.
This ceramic bird is the perfect decorative piece adding a bit of Galilee color and charm to your home. 

Dead Sea Gourmet Salt – The 4 colors series by 424 Dead Sea Salt (Social Product)
Tzohar Halev & Salt 424 Company created a rehabilitative industry center for Dead Sea products where young men and women with special needs and golden hearts work and contribute to society and are filled with a sense of fulfillment and the joy of being productive.
This special edition salt pack is from the color series and contains four 30gr mini-jars: Smoked Salt, Golden Salt, Merlot Salt, Black Coarse Salt.

DIY Basil by Atzitz Tari (Social Product)
Atzitz Tari is a social movement and non-profit giving employment opportunities to those who suffer from cognitive and developmental disabilities.
Atzitz Tari’s goal is to provide significant employment by giving each participant the feeling of success and capability.
This DIY set is a great activity and looks chic and fun in the colorful mini “trash can”.
Each set includes dirt, fertilizer, and seeds. You’ll be reminded every day of your own personal Israeli plant in your
home, no matter where you’re located in the world!

70 names of Jerusalem on a square plate by Susan’s House (Social Product)
Jerusalem has 70 names, printed here on this special glass dish made by at-risk youth.
Susan’s house is a unique workshop that empowers teens at risk to find their place within society through artistic expression, personal investment and creative initiatives.
All income generated by the sale of the handcrafted items is used for funding the continuation of the project and the ongoing development of the participating youth.