My dad's Charoset – Vilna Traditions blended into Isrealiness!

Charoset is one of the staples of the Pesach seder plate. The thing is, there’s so many different ways to make it (and buy it- that works too!).

Whenever I discuss the Pesach Seder with friends and families, it appears that each person has a different charoset recipe and tradition. Some make a more traditional dish, some add an Israeli touch, some make it a dip, some chunky and some even roll it up into charoset balls.

My father was born in Vilna, Lithuania and made Aliyah in 1948. Most of his life was spent in Israel but he always integrated the tastes of his childhood home especially during the Jewish holidays.

Pesach, of course, was no exception. He insisted each year that we use his mother’s traditional recipe but loved to add an Israeli touch. This recipe is now used by my mother and siblings as well as many friends that love the traditional taste together with the Israeli flavors.

I love the combination of the apples and walnuts together with the dates. The dates add a sweet flavor and a great texture, perfect for the seder table.

Here’s my father’s recipe. Enjoy!

You’ll Need

5 granny Smith Green Apples

100 – 150 grams Walnuts

500 gr. Pitted and crushed dates

2 glasses Red Wine

Here’s How

  1. Peel, core and grate the apples on a grater
  2. Crush the walnuts to small chunks, not to dust
  3. Place Dates, Apples and Walnuts in a bowl, mix well together
  4. Add wine gradually, make sure it is a paste like thick mass, like a mortar. Don’t add to much wine, make sure it stays a paste and not soup…
  5. You can prepare all a day in advance, minus the apples, and just the freshly ground apples on the Seder day.

That’s it, nice and easy! And Oh So Yummy!

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