My dad's Charoset – Vilna Traditions blended into Isrealiness!

March 2020

I love Pesach! Truly! Love Matzos, love the ambience, love the songs and especially love Charoset. So delicious on matzah, and most delicious on the Seder night itself. My dad was born in Vilna, Lithuania, and made Aliyah in 1948. So most of his life he was Israeli, but the tastes of his childhood home came back to him especially on holidays. Here is his special Charoset recipe originally like his mother but infused with the Israeli tastes he loved so much. (Now my Mom makes it for us, as wonderfully and as

delicious as he used to make it).

You’ll Need

5 granny Smith Green Apples

100 – 150 grams Walnuts

500 gr. Pitted and crushed dates

2 glasses Red Wine

Here’s How

  1. Peel, core and grate the apples on a grater
  2. Crush the walnuts to small chunks, not to dust
  3. Place Dates, Apples and Walnuts in a bowl, mix well together
  4. Add wine gradually, make sure it is a paste like thick mass, like a mortar. Don’t add to much wine, make sure it stays a paste and not soup…
  5. You can prepare all a day in advance, minus the apples, and just the freshly ground apples on the Seder day.

That’s it, nice and easy! And Oh So Yummy!

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