Israeli Childhood Box


This is a box I’ve wanted to create for a long time, pinpointing the unique characteristics of being a child in Israel, remembering my childhood, the special memories and the things that remind me of why I think childhood in our country is so special. From the independence that Israeli kids face, the reality of having to deal with difficult subjects from a young age (the army, wars, etc.), and the wonderful weather that lets our children roam free outdoors with their friends, being an Israeli child is exceptional. In this box I’ve gathered some of my favorite memories from my childhood together with things that my own children love. I’m sure you (and your children) will love them too!

You’ll want to know that:

  • Everything inside the box is kosher
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  • All made, designed, or manufactured in Israel

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Israeli Childhood Box

“Choice in Life” Decorate Key by Shanti House
This key serves as a reminder of the choices that we make everyday in life, an important message for the youth living in the Shanti Houses. Hang it on your wall or place it on your desk, as a symbol of the important choices we make everyday, especially as children.

Taki by Chaim Shafir
If there’s a game that reminds me of Israeli childhood, it’s Taki! Haim Shafir, a world-famous game inventor, invented Taki in 1983, having become an Israeli classic ever since. If you’ve never played Taki, now’s your chance… it’s the perfect way to have an Israeli themed game night!

Bath Bombs by Meydale
Hila Doron, otherwise known as Meydale, is a small, family-run business creating soaps, bath bombs and other great-smelling products in their boutique factory. This set of three bath bombs, will bring you back to your days of bubble baths as a kid… but in totally luxurious style. With salt and mud from the lowest place on Earth, close your eyes and imagine that you’re floating in the Dead Sea while in your home bathtub 🙂

Mikupelet and Popping Chocolate by Elite
It wouldn’t be a childhood box without some chocolate and Israeli sweets. Mikupelet is a unique Israeli chocolate, with a patented secret shape. My tip: add it to a cup of warm milk for the ultimate hot chocolate treat. Popping chocolate… I don’t want to give it away too quickly. Pop it in your mouth and enjoy the ride.

Halva Bamba and Apropo by Osem
Bamba and Apropo are the two most well-known Israeli snacks, and no story about Israeli childhood would be complete without them. Osem decided to add an extra Israeli twist by creating a Bamba filled with halva (note: contains peanuts and sesame!). Apropo is a popular and distinctly Israeli snack, made mostly of corn, that is great dipped in a bowl of Labaneh. You can substitute for sour cream 🙂 Apropo is gluten-free!