Box of the Month


Every IsraeliBox tells a different Israeli story, curates a different aspect of Israeli life and culture and connects to all walks of life in our beloved homeland. Getting yourself or for someone you care about the box of the month is a great way to enjoy IsraeliBox without the long term commitment.


Galilee Box

The Galilee region in the north of Israel symbolizes something magical for us.
Filled with a rich history, breathtaking views, wonderful hikes, fabulous restaurants, the massive Kinneret (Sea of Galilee) and so much more, the area has something for everyone.
Many Israelis think of the Galilee as an escape- a moment to get away, enjoy a bottle of wine at one of Israel’s top-notch wineries, take a dip at the northern beaches and enjoy nature.
This box will transport you to the mindset and the views of the Galilee, allowing you to discover some of its greatest treasures. Enjoy them, they’re something special.

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