My Father's Knaidlach

March 2019

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Pesach is a family time, a time of homecoming, an opportunity for family and friends to gather together to share an ancient tradition. Pesach in our home is directly and strongly connected with Knaidlach. Those little soft and delicious matzah balls.
My Aba (father in Hebrew) used to make the best ones! I miss him every day. But on the Seder table I miss him much more. So here is me, sharing with you a beloved family recipe and tradition.
May your Seder table make beautiful memories to last you a lifetime and longer….

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Makes between 15 – 18

You’ll Need

1 cup matzah meal

2 cups boiling water

50gr/1.8oz/3.5 tablespoons margarine

2 eggs

Salt & Pepper

Here’s How

  1. Mix the matzah meal with the boiling water, add the margarine and season with lots of salt & pepper (the matzah meal really needs a lot of salt!)
  2. Stand aside for 30min.
  3. Mix in the eggs and mix well together
  4. Wet your hands and roll into balls about the size of a ping pong ball.
  5. Drop gently into 2 liters of boiling soup or salted water.
  6. Simmer gently with lid on, on low heat, for about 25 minutes, after the water boil.
  7. Take out of the water and serve with the soup.

BETEAVON! Bon Appetite!

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