Our 10 most beloved places to go traveling outdoors in Israel

April 2019

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Israel being such a tiny state, only 300 miles from north to south.
And yet in only 5 hours’ drive you can experience the most diverse scenery!

Just name it – we’ve got it!

From snow caped mountains, thru tranquil sandy beaches, via blooming meadows to the sun burned desert!

What a stunning breath-taking place you are Israel!

We love going out to nature, walking the trails, watching the scenery, breathing the air and just feeling simply grateful for this amazing creation all around us

Photo taken by Itamar Grinberg

The sea of Galillee – Kinneret

Known as HaKinneret in Hebrew – the Sea of Galilee is truly one of northern Israel’s most amazing sites. It’s actually a freshwater lake, in fact, it’s the lowest freshwater lake in the world. The Sea of Galilee is not only Israel’s main water source but it has huge religious significance and also major touristic value thanks to the beauty of the surroundings – it’s an area of mountains and beaches and terrific wildlife. We love going for a few days camping, or even just for the day, resting on its shores, eating good food, and bathing in its clear waters


Heading south to the Arava Valley – Stunning desert views spiced with unbelievable history.

The mountain fortress of Masada stands on an isolated rock plateau, overlooking the Dead Sea. The story of Masada is one of the most heroic Jewish tales, a 1000 inhabitants committing mass suicide rather than surrendering to the Roman enemy. Take a walk up the Snake Path to the top of Masada if you’re feeling adventurous, or go up by the cable cart if you prefer

Tel Dan Nature Reserve

The Dan Stream rises in the Tel Dan nature reserve – the largest and most important of the sources of the Jordan River. Tel Dan is one of the most spectacular natural attractions in Israel. It also boasts extensive excavations, for Tel Dan hosted both an ancient Canaanite civilization and the Israelite tribe of Dan. You can walk along the river and its deliciously rushing waters, stroll through luxurious foliage to an aqueduct that once carried water to flour mills along the stream. The water is freezing as it originates from the rain fall on Mount Hermon that are gushing out of the spring

Beit Guvrin Caves National Park

The Caves at Beit Gurvin, in particular the Bell Cave are the main reason visitors come here. In total there are at least 800 bell shaped caves in the park (and 2,000 in the area), some of which are linked by underground tunnels. The most famous of these caves is 1.28 meters high and used for special events. These caves were quarried during the 4th to 9th century when the chalk was used to make roads, plaster and mortar. There is a meter wide hole in the cave ceiling where chalk was extracted. It is possible to rappel down the side of the limestone cliffs into some of the caves.

Sharon Beach National Park

Sharon Beach National Park is located along the Mediterranean beach next to Kibbutz Shefayim. The Sharon Coast National Park is a little known nature area high above sea level. View the scenery from up on the cliff (about 40 meters above the coast) and see the flora and fauna of the area, such as the Beach Evening Primrose and the Beach Lily.  Walk along a trail in the sand dunes and you might spot the elusive herd of deer that live there. It’s just a sweet little place to enjoy the Israeli sea and sun in nature. 

Eshtaol Forest

Eshtaol Forest extends over an area of around 3,000 acres, to the south of the Tel Aviv-Jerusalem Highway.
The forest is a popular recreation area and is one of the largest forests in Israel.
The forest’s internal roads are bordered by numerous recreational and picnic areas. Both the Israel National Trail and the Tel Aviv-Jerusalem Cycle Trail pass through the forest. It is a wonderful place for picnicking with kids, for hiking, for cycling and just a place to come to and feel nature surround you

Ein Prat Nature Reserve

Ein Prat is a spring of gushing water, rising in a spectacularly beautiful desert canyon. The flowing stream and natural pools are an amazing place where you can have a dip in a truly gorgeous desert spring! Ein Prat is the largest of the three most important perennial springs in the Prat stream, and has given its name to the entire stream. The Prat Stream flows all across the northern Judean Desert from Jerusalem to Jericho, creating canyons and high cliffs.

Nimrod Fortress National Park (Qa’lat Namrud)

The Nimrod Fortress is the biggest Crusade-era castle in all of Israel, a mountain-top stronghold spanning back to the 13th century. With views of much of the Golan, the Nimrod Fortress is situated on a peak neighboring Israel’s highest and only snow-capped mountain, Mount Hermon. Below the fortress are the lush Banias forests with the rivers and waterfalls. The ruins of Nimrod Fortress are beautiful and well-preserved, a truly visible snapshot of history.

Arbel Mountain

Mount Arbel is a breath taking mountain in the Lower Galilee overlooking the Sea of Galilee. And from the Arbel summit you can enjoy some of the most amazing views of the area!

Its stunning cliffs are seen from afar, but to actually stand at the top of the Arbel mountain is one of those must-do moments – it truly is a magical place to see in Israel and enjoy some amazing views of the Golan Heights, including Mount Hermon. the  hikes in the area are perfect and amazing.

Keshet Cave

The Keshet Cave (also known as the Rainbow cave or Arch cave) in the Galilee, is one of the most beautiful natural wonders in the land of Israel. Not only is the large natural arch with the shallow cave beneath it a pleasure to see, it also attracts hundreds of extreme sports enthusiasts who like to rappel from the arch down to the cave floor below. For those really looking for a thrill, dropping off the side of the cave and swinging under the arch with just the rope between you and the forests way down below is an unforgettable experience!


Israel is stunning all year round, in the spring it is especially blooming and colorful.
We hope you go out to nature and plan an outdoors adventure in your next visit to Israel.

Happy Spring everyone. 

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