Our 4 most favorite Israeli Shuks

January 2019

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Shuk is the Hebrew word for market. Shuk is an ancient word, mentioned in the bible with the meaning for street, in Arabic the word is Souk. All over the Mediterranean shores, streets became Shuks and then piazzas and squares became markets which are Shuks.

In the Israeli Shuk you can find anything, from fresh fruit and vegetables, baked goods and sweets, to art and antiques, homeware and clothing garments.

Walking down the Shuk, is a way to experience Isreali culture and enjoy the taste of Isreali lifestyle.

Here is our personal choice for the top 4 most
favorite Shuks in Israel:

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  1. Shuk Machane Yehuda – Jerusalem.

Jerusalem is 3500 years old and is world known for its ancient sites and as the cradle for the 3 monotheistic religions of the world. But Shuk Machane Yehuda, located in Nachlaoo’t is the symbol of modern Jerusalem, the revived city beyond the ancient walls. In Mach’ne Yuda, the way we pronounce it in everyday conversations, you can walk in the narrow alleys of the Shuk and enjoy the vibrancy of colors, sounds and aromas like nowhere else. The freshest produce you can find are at the Shuk. The aromatic cheeses are amazing! The baklawa’s and K’naffe – sweet cakes dipped in sugary syrup, filled with pistachios, peanuts, walnuts & honey are simply irresistible. Herbs, meet, fish and candy of the best quality is there to find. In and around the Shuk are some of Jerusalem’s finest restaurants, from unbelievable falafel stands and street food vendors, through small bars and fast food joints, to top celebrity chef’s establishments. All there. Just visit and absorb the life of the city and Israeli lifestyle in its purest form.    

2. Jerusalem Old City Souk

The old city souk has been around in the same place, for hundreds of years. Stretching out through the Christian and Muslim quarters of the old city, carrying an ancient echo far back from roman times. When entering the old city through Jaffa gate, the first thing I always do, is munch on a scrumptious fresh dates filled pastry, yummy! When you walk through the arched cobbled stone lanes, surrounded with colors and scents, it is easy to feel like a time traveler, transporting back to another era. In the souk you can find traditional and authentic artifacts, local craftsmanship and delicatessens. You will also find many kitschy touristy souvenirs. Remember to sharpen your negotiations skills before arriving, it is accustomed and expected, and you will be amazed how in seconds the price can drop hundreds of percent’s. So, if it is a magical history infused tour that excites you, the old city souk is the place to go.

  1. Shuk Hacarmel – Tel Aviv

    Hustle & bustle. Explosion of colors, scents and flavors. Mixed with the intoxicating Mediterranean breeze – Shuk Hacarmel in down town Tel Aviv is one of the more exhilarating treats you could find in the white city. Filled with locals and tourist alike, Shuk Hacarmel is Tel Aviv’s largest market located on the border of Nachalat Binyamin and Kerem Hateimanim neighborhoods. The Shuk features an abundance of basically… everything… from fresh produce, fruits and vegetables all the way to chic designer clothes. Make sure to arrive hungry! As the food is incredible! You can find an amazing variety of flavors from cuisines from all over the world. The day you’ll spend enjoying the enchantment of Shuk Hacarmel promises to be one of the best days you’ll spend in Israel. 


2. Shuk Hapishpeshim – Jaffa Flea Market

Flea market is a market for selling second hand goods, and is common all over the world. First one, was probably founded in Paris about a 100 years ago. The flea market – that literally translates to Shuk Hapishpeshim in Hebrew – in Jaffa has been around since the 19th century.
In recent years the Shuk has been renovated and restored, and today is a trendy fashionable attraction to both tourists and Israelis. In Shuk Hapishpeshim you could find old vinyl records, carpets, furniture and art alongside designer clothing boutiques, Jewelry shops, trendy coffee shops and top chef restaurants. A stroll through this Shuk will definitely be one of the highlights of your visit to Tel Aviv.

We travelled to Jerusalem and Tel Aviv to walk the Shuks ourselves, we looked, tasted, smelled and touched many different items before choosing the ones to place in your IsraeliShukBox. Until you are able to visit our Shuk yourself, just open your box and stroll through an Israeli Shuk with us.

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